Yes, Prime Minister...Wired868 Style

kamla and jack

I love British comedy. It's often hard to pick a favourite, but Yes Prime Minister is my favourite. Lucky me that my favourite online newsite, Wired686, decided to tackle PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar in a similar satirical fashion.

Here's a peek...

Scene: Office of the Prime Minister

(National Security Minister Jack Warner walks in and closes the door behind him)

National Security Minister Jack Warner: Yes, Prime Minister. The AG told me you wanted to see me?

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar: It is over, Jack. This FBI business is the last straw. Everyone is worried that it might affect their ability to get visas and invitations to those great US Embassy parties. You had your warning, eh. That’s it.

Warner: Kamla, I fully understand and I support you. I am only here to serve your government and I am ready to step aside.

Prime Minister: It is too late, Jack. Prakash told me that once I stand on higher ground, I won’t have to worry about your tsunami and… Wait. What did you say?

Warner: Kamla, you are the sharpest legal mind I have ever met. In the fullness of time, I know your decision today will be shown to have saved your party and your country.

Prime Minister: You really think so, Jack? You know I heard some of the boys were whispering behind my back ever since I got my “SC.” You believe they said Hafizool more qualified than me? They said at least he paid for his letters.

Warner: Let me tell you that not one of them has your vision. Not one!

Prime Minister: Yes… Well. How would you like us to do this? Would you prefer to resign?

Warner: You know best, Prime Minister. So, I think you should make the announcement about relieving me yourself.

You can read the rest here at Wired868...