Beat Out 2015 Begins!

The memes have begun....

The memes have begun....

Several candidates made the rounds today (Sunday February 1st, 2015) on state and private radio stations; so clear your mind of any doubts, #BeatOut2015 has begun.

The UNC, not the People's Partnership (interpret what you like from that), is kicking off its Monday Night 4 Rum political meetings (my spelling) on February 2nd. Whilst the PNM, is in Marabella on Wednesday night from 7pm. 

I expect state television to be deployed to cover the UNC meetings whilst the PNM will stick with the formula that has worked well for it  since 2012, the I95.5 live broadcast, followed by a rebroadcast the next morning at 9 am. 

I'm going to make an effort to listen to as many platform meetings as I can and bring some analysis to the debate.

But, in my bid to blog on these matters, I am also going to start some discussions on issues of governance: citizenship, public monies and spending, the party financier, and our expectations of leadership are just some of the topics.

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See you on the trail!