Slap in the Face...

One of the status updates that fuelled the public's response to claims of government interference at Guardian Media Limited. Editor in Chief Judy it another try.

If YOU were the Editor in Chief of a newspaper whose motto was "The Guardian of Democracy" and it was reported by members of your staff and the media association you belong to that there was evidence of government interference at your newspaper.....would that be grounds to resign?

And if that isn't grounds for resigning, what would be?

Today Trinbagonians pretty pissed off with the Guardian newspaper....why? Because they feel they have been taken for a ride by the company's Board and its Editor in Chief. They feel they have been pissed on from a great height and slapped in the face by the antics of the board and the editorial team at the newspaper.

They are also coming to terms with the bald truth that the newspaper isn't about good independent journalism, so much as it is obsessed with its bottom line....and no amount of soft soaping from the Editor in Chief, or even from her Business News Editor, Suzanne Shepherd is going to make the reading public feel good anytime soon.

In fact, both yesterday and today you had a Guardian whose content was very much toned down. No stories about government malfeasance or any other kind of misbehaviour at all in its pages. It would be easy to mistake The Guardian's political stories for the Ministry of Communications' FaceBook page now.

In the meantime, Denyse Renne and Anicka Gumbs-Sandiford who have been doing a fairly reliable job of unearthing and revealing government misbehaviour are resigned...and I can only offer a pray that the Express grabs them up so that their investigative skills aren't wasted and the public can have some level of consolation over this absolute fiasco.

There is a lot I could say about the actions or in-action of Ms Raymond and Ms Shepherd. There is talk that this is being done for the sake of the staff. Some members of staff that I have spoken to scoff loudly at that notion.

But what I will say is have severely disappointed the public. You have been less than forthcoming with them about the true details of this fiasco and you have led them on. You owe the population an explanation. And if you have been guilty of poor information apology and your resignations from MATT's board. Because nobody going to take MATT seriously after this debacle with the two of you serving as President and Vice President. Can you really continue to represent the interests of journalists after this?

Suzanne Shepherd, on Wednesday 10th at 1:42 pm posted this: The most vile attack imaginable on freedom of the press now in progress and I am in the midst of it.

The public didn't imagine this crisis...they didn't fuel it themselves....they didn't ask for it.

As President and Vice President of MATT both of you have a huge responsibility here for the information fed to the Trinbagonian public, the region and the world.

No one is going to forget your behaviour this week, or what it means for our confidence in media and press freedom.

In the meantime, I will get my news from Jamal least I know his propaganda is solid and undiluted.

Democratic institutions crumbling around us at Full Dotish Speeds!!!