Clock Back and Roll

  Power Outage 2It's been a hectic 3 days....and it has nothing to do with Christ's resurrection...

We are still to receive any answers from the folks at PowerGen, NGC or Phoenix Gas as to how the fuel levels dropped to so sharply Thursday evening to lead to the black out in the late hours of Thursday night into Friday morning.....

As you know, I've questioned the clock on the wall at Powergen Penal and the times on the wall and the times of the PM's visit and what it says about best practice at PowerGen and what it might imply for the PMs visit to PowerGen.

So, I'm going to raise a few more questions again this evening.

You know that everytime a camera takes a picture it does a time stamp of the picture on the file. In older cameras you would actually see the time stamp on the image.

In more advanced cameras the time stamp....or meta data remains hidden to the human eye.

If you upload pictures to FB the date stamp is removed...but not all sites remove the time info from pics.

So let's say you sent pictures to a site like TT Energy Update your time stamp remains.

If you click on those pictures and copy and paste their link into a website like Find then you can see the date stamp on a that, I mean the time the picture was taken.

I got time stamps of 8:13 am.

Take a look at these screen shots and then try it yourself using the links i provided above.

Check out the time stamp on this...


Now the time stamp says 8:13....AM....the clock says 21:13:58.....factor in that these clocks are attached to satellite computers and so daylight savings time pushed the clock forward by an hour...then the PowerGen clock is 12 hrs off plus 1 hr for the daylight.

Even if you don't accept that....I seriously doubt that the internal clock on the camera that took the PMs pictures changed its time to show 8:13 am....

Tell me what you think the timestamp data tells you.

In the meantime, you think PowerGen can send any senior technicians to explain what really happened last Thursday night?

Full Dotish and Full Dangerous!