Clocks and Current

We had a power outage last night....even the Miami Herald hours later when barely half of the country had electricity again was reporting it....and for good reason. The excuse given by the authorities thus far is that our supply of natural gas to the power plant generators was cut off. And that led to the shutting down of not just one generator or plant...but all of Trinidad and eventually to most of Tobago...Apparently only Courland had electricity in the entire nation. Interestingly, Tobago's electrical plant runs on I'm still unclear as to how their plant stopped working.

Power Outage 1Not surprisingly, the Prime Minister, who was too ill to attend Cabinet Meetings yesterday or address the nation on the latest gaffe surrounding National Security minister Jack Warner, because her majesty has the common cold, was out and about dealing with the emergency brought on by the power outage. So much so that her twitter account was active for most of the morning, she released a statement to the media by 7:44 am and has a full album up on FB showing behind the scenes activity to get the power back up.

Power Outage 2The curious thing is this....power went at 37 minutes after midnight.....but the clocks at this power plant shows the PM and engineers and Minister of Energy onsite at 21:13:29.

Power Outage 2 poweroutage3Now unless the efficient folks at this professionally run power plant keep the wrong time on their clocks....The PM and crew were at the plant since 9 pm last night working on an outage that still hadnt happened....what gives?


Power Outage 1

Can anyone explain?

We outta timing? Innna Timing? Time Running out?

Are the conspiracy theorists who I was laughing at on to something?

Have we gone from Full Dotish to outright Dangerous Governance?