Responses to Barbed Messages

Apparently Barbed Messages has hit a nerve. Readers out there think that I should have used the blog space to extend condolences to the Ramsahai's family, instead of raising questions about a series of events that seem related if only because the names and players keep popping up.

Had four or five young men from Beetham, Laventille or Sea Lots been burnt to death and wrapped in barbed wire, I doubt anyone from Jahaji Desi would even care that I wrote about the circumstances surrounding their death and the even more circumstances that have happened prior to their death.

The unfortunate thing too is that members of the Jahaji Desi blogosphere cannot even see that all levels of crime in the country are related. White collar to blood crimes....fraud crime to gang and drug related crimes....and in the midst of all of that is a Prime Minister who has been linked to several crimes in the past 33 months as a possible victim: a kidnap attempt, 2 assassinations and one threat.

Apparently it is taboo to talk about such....and apparently people with day jobs aren't supposed to blog according to the very upset folks at Jahaji Desi.

I sense the writer of the letter posted below doesn't believe that anyone else can or should write about a series of crimes and how they appear. Pity though that even forensic pathologist Valery Alexandrov thinks the criminals were sending a message with the bodies of these two young men, and the head less body in La Romaine and the young girl found in the Gyaymare river. Pity too that there were not one, but two newspaper reports between 2010 and 2013 that imply that Ms Ramsahai might be related to the PM...the head of our national security council.

Pity that all these details are there...and people choose to be upset about the wrong things.

Take a read:

From: Keshav Maharaj Sender: Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2013 22:36:08 -0800 (PST) To:;; ReplyTo: Subject: [FREE SPEECH] _ Eternal Pantomime Insensitive!!!

“Eternal Pantomime” Insensitive and reckless blogging!

In her own ego-stroking blog “The Eternal Pantomime”, I have read one of the most insensitive and foolish pieces yet! The blog (appropriately named “pantomime” to reflect the nature of the individual responsible for it) in one of its latest installments addresses the most tragic incident of the murders of Jerome and Dale Ramsahai.

Now, one would expect any sound individual to sympathize and extend condolences to the bereaved family in such a trying time. I mean, two innocent lives of young men who had very bright futures ahead of them, were recklessly taken in the most inhumane and devastating manner. However, the writer chose instead to focus on whether or not the sister of one of the victims was a relative of the Prime Minister (which she admitted she herself did not know) and why she sat on a state board. Excuse me miss, but are you serious? Do you not have family of your own? How can you be so insensitive?

The article goes on to state “And who was the message for? Because a message was being sent by their killers. The killers or their handlers are pissed off….what are they pissed off about or who are they pissed of at?” referring to the gruesome murders of the two boys. Apparently, someone decided to play “Criminal Profiler” and determine that ‘a message was being sent’. I had no idea we had a Behavioral Analysis Unit in T&T! Oh wow!

It is alleged that this blog belongs to a particular UWI lecturer who apparently has way to much free time on her hands. Suppose one of her students has the misfortune to read the utter rubbish on this blog, what will they think of her? I am in support of blogging as I believe it’s a way of expression, but a word of advice to anyone who wish to “blog”, please Blog Responsibly!

Keshav Maharaj Disgusted reader __._,_.___