Barbed Messages

Liana ramsahai being consoled by Priya Ramnarine. Photo courtesy Express newspaper website. On July 23, 2010, Liana Ramsahai, then an unknown attorney, received a Death Threat. In that story the young man who issued the threat indicated that the threat wasn't for Ramsahai, but for, "The Prime Minister, yuh family..." The curious thing about the Express story then was that it never bothered to clarify if Ramsahai was indeed the Prime Minister's relative and what exactly was the nature of the connection. Of course it hasn't escaped my notice that yet another relative of the Prime Minister sits in a cushy job on a state board. Government is Family Business and Family Business is Government in Trinidad and Tobago as Persad-Bissessar, Manning and of late Orville London are only too happy to demonstrate.

What I've noted between 2010 and the present is how often the PMs life has been threatened. On May 15, 2010, just two weeks before the General Elections there was a kidnap attempt. The kidnappers seized Persad-Bissessar's official Prado, in it was her niece and official driver who were held up and robbed of the Prado. The vehicle was found two hours later in Valsayn.

The PM at a press briefing. Photo courtesy Jyoti Communications website.

Now jump forward to that weekend just before the illegal State of Emergency. We had a shipment of cocaine confiscated and a 19 year old boy arrested for it. We then had 11 people murdered over a weekend and nebulous rumours of a diverted shipment of guns. The Government gave all kinds of excuses, in between they mentioned Columbians invading the country...then the SoE became about a clear and present danger, bunkered diesel several failed assassination attempts. Each claim more hysterical and more shrill than the last; but absolutely no one touched the confiscated cocaine and diverted container of guns story.

This morning we have the grisly murders of two male cousins: wrapped in barbed wire and burnt to death at intense heat levels. Were they still alive when wrapped in the barbed wire? Were they still alive when the car was set afire?

And who was the message for? Because a message was being sent by their killers. The killers or their handlers are pissed off....what are they pissed off about or who are they pissed of at?

Is it the immediate family of the Ramsahai cousins or the extended family of the Ramsahai cousins? Will the extended family of the Ramsahai cousins acknowledge the relationship anytime soon?

COP JackWill relatives of the PM continue to sit on state boards?

Will the PM and Warner continue to say they were ignorant of the secret police Flying Squad?

Will the ethnic cleansing at the SIA...because make no mistake...that is what it is....continue unabated?

Will we ever know the truth about why the PM's life is always in danger?

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