All the Presidential Men and Women

I was taking bets over the weekend that Kamla would announce the PP nominee for President at Machel Monday...but I am beginning to think there is a rift between the Golden Boy and the Mother of the Nation. Tasteless meme pictures aside of HD in bed with Kamla asking her if he will win the Soca Monarch crown this year, I think Boy has woken up to the jolting scent of Arabica Robusta. And, like everyone else in the PP camp, is beginning to see the writing on the wall for the Partnership. Kamla has squandered all of her goodwill with the very electorate that brought her to victory. The Tobago drubbing has Jack Warner speaking in tongues 3 weeks later threatening to conduct investigations that don't even fall under his remit....voter padding? Really Jack? Oh the questions I would love to ask about certain marginal seats from the 2010 elections....but I digress. Any investigation into voter padding should be launched and conducted by the EBC, not so? And maybe evidence and complaints should be lodged with them too!

But I don't mean to discuss Warner. That's for another time. I just wanted to share some quick thoughts on the Presidential nominees we are expecting to deliberate on.

It's the height of Carnival season and fever. The country is in celebration mode, yet I am afraid to get caught up in celebration because the last time that happened, Section 34 was committed. A crime so insidious the country can't seem to come to terms with it. Nothing that comes out of the government's mouth is taken at face value anymore.

And with the 12-Zero cutlass that London and Co put on the, 3 weeks ago, I suspect that Persad-Bissessar and her advisory team went back to the drawing board about their Presidential nominee.

I'm ruling out the two female candidates. The gender vote was a 2010 election gimmick used to rally a demographic. Now that the country knows Kamla is just as chauvinistic and twice as devious as any male Prime Minister we've had no one is going to go into rhapsodies over female leadership any time soon. So sorry Ms Tewarie and Ms Baboolal, but I think you're red herrings. Forget Wade Mark. His name was entered in the pot to distract us and have the electorate quarreling and distracted as we listed and re-listed all the reason we can't stand Wade. Dismiss Karl Hudson-Philip as well. There is no government courageous enough to appoint him as President. I surmise that is primarily because he has a mind of his own and party line be damned. The man opposed Eric after all and lived to tell the tale. It is a pity we have to dismiss Karl though...because I would have liked to have seen intelligence re-enter our political institutions here...ah well.

I also don't think Lalla is going to be appointed, nor the PNM's Candidate getting it. Rather, I suspect that Kamla is torn between Reggie Dumas and Justice Sharma. I also think that this particular conundrum only arose after the 12-Zero Smackdown. And now, as the party begins gearing up and strategizing for Local Government Elections, it has become mindful of the impact of the choice.

There are concerns that a President sympathetic to the plight of this government might overlook or assist with further Constitutional breaches. And as the time draws closer for a new President to be appointed, fears of Constitutional Reform in the form of Proportional Representation governance is causing disquiet. There is the fear that a new President will appoint Independents sympathetic to the government and in fact give the government even more of an upper hand in the Senate.

But now that public discontent has become glaring the selection of a President, who is selected and the grounds for selection are going to show us whether this government is learning from its numerous mistakes.

The party has a fine line to toe, considering that more and more sections of the population are fed up of their shenanigans. The secrecy with which the appointment process is shrouded isn't helping either.

My call is, it's between SHARMA and Dumas...

Will Kamla allow public sentiment to guide her, or will she nominate in a Full Dotish manner?