How Kamla Hang She Own Jack


Well I finally stop celebrating the TOP defeat in Tobago and will be nice and point out to Kamla, for her own benefit, how she hang she own Jack at this lovely game of Elections All Fours that she just fogged up royally.

There are many who will tell you that many Tobagonians were royally upset with London's PNM over the last 12 years. And this was not a lie. Orville London spent 12 years coping with the arrogance and asininity of Patrick Manning and then the bungling incompetence of the PP. During his tenure he had to cope with Manning's myopic vision for Tobago that saw adequate monies being pumped into the island to cover recurring expenditure, but very little being allocated to proper development of the island. In 2009 and he managed to hang on to the THA, but the TOP, a young and vibrant party was making inroads. Then came the 2010 elections in which Tobagonians delivered their own referendum on Manning and his treatment of them. Tobago went yellow. And from May 2010 to January 20th 2013, Orville London began the most strategic fight back I have ever witnessed.

TOP and UNC Political Leaders in Mason Hall on a walkabout.







But this coloumn isn't about London's fightback, but rather about Kamla's defeat. Given the tide London was swimming against and the landslide victory that Kamla achieved in 2010 one would think that she would have used good judgment and not squander that goodwill with the electorate, right?


Yesterday's THA should have been a referendum of Orville London's performance as THA Chief Secretary in the last 12 years, instead, through the cleverness of London and the crass vulgarity of Kamla and her minions it became an assessment not of London's performance in the THA but of Kamla Persad-Bissessar's performance from May 2010 to last week.

This Election should have been about Jack vs London, but it quickly became about Orville vs Kamla.....and like this woman don't learn! No Trini could ever come and beat a Tobagonian in he back yard.

Kamla launched her THA offensive at Budget Matihkor..aka the pre-Budget Rally....and I was the first, and probably the only person to note the type of language Kamla used to describe the ensuing THA campaign. Both Kamla and Anand boasted loudly on the stage at Mid-Centre of how they would win the THA Elections and send Rowley and London in a corner. That was misstep number 1. Yuh campaigning in Tobago and not Trinidad, how yuh go insult and attack two sons of the soil that lift Tobagonians nose so high?

At that same meeting Persad-Bissessar started her own subtle race talk with her "We know who the enemy is...get in yuh section" talk as she referenced the THA campaign to come. While Trinis aint see nothing wrong with that kind of We vs Them talk...Tobagonians know it and understand it only too well and we don't stick it! That was misstep number 2. And I pointed it out. But the Kamlarites so busy calling me a racist PNM sodomite they never read between the lines.

Thereafter though there was a change in the TOP's approach. Realising that Tobagonians weren't taking too kindly to the numerous missteps and corruption allegations from Central Government, Ashworth Jack himself issued a UNC interference in the THA campaign. Jack wanted discreet behind-the-scenes assistance by way of money and resources. The TOP hoped that the Milshirv accusations, just like the Calder Hart accusations against Manning, would stick to Orville like shit on a shoe heel. Unfortunately both the Chief Secretary and his Finance Secretary Anselm London much savvier than that. They understood that what threw Manning down was his unwillingness to come clean on his relationship with Calder Hart, Juliana Pena, UDECOTT and the Guanapo Church. Manning's position was both arrogant and unhelpful and it only riled the citizenry up more....which is why I insist he was a fool. London & London on the other hand utilised transparency and accountability to their benefit. A full file was uploaded to the world wide web, as well as sent to the Integrity Commission. Answer that! Not a peep could be heard from government for weeks after the upload. And the most they have managed thus far is a limp legal action from && that the treasury going to have to pay for.

TOP's gamble that Milshirv would haunt Orville the way Calder Hart haunted Manning died a sudden death.

Ashworth Jack, Kamla Persad-Bissesar, Jearlean John and vernella Toppin at church in Plymouth.








Then came the House That Pumpkin Built......and I had to grin each and every time Jack lied or avoided questions. Transparency and accountability was coming to haunt his ass now. Milshirv began to fade quickly as Ashworth's relationship with the UNC and its financiers because the front burner issue....then Jack's failure to lodge documents with the Integrity Commission. And here was the next misstep. Jack was making Tobago and Tobagonians look corrupt. from Tobago how long and you don't know that corruption associated with Trickydadians, not Tobagonians? Yuh fall down bad boy! You see, London had managed to dampen, if not totally remove the stench of corruption around himself, while Jack was refusing to answer any questions.

To deal with his declining public image Ashworth Jack made his next that would be so critical and crucial to his demise, I wonder if the TOP and UNC figure it out yet....Ashworth Jack resorted to social media handled by a Trini....and not just any Trini, but a Trini whose entire idea of marketing and media is fete. Soon the TOP had a social media presence on FaceBook and Twitter and the pages were filled with Trinidad UNC supporters...and thereafter it only went downhill. There were pictures of Jack working in a garden and alluding to his supplies as being the basis of his wealth. Meanwhile Express's Irene Medina was doing her research and hitting Jack for six week after week. Kamla et al, sensing the shifting tide made the next crucial misstep by jumping into the fray.

Their hope was to show that Central Government....the moneyhandlers....were entirely behind Jack and that if Tobago wanted to develop and prosper they had to follow the money trail.

Could they be any more dumbass? Kamla...darling....Tobagonian know underdevelopment and hardship long time you know....Trinidad suffering Tobago aint nothing new.

And so, interference from the UNC went from peripheral to central! The Elections moved from being about Orville's performance to the invasion from the UNC. And Kamla, unwittingly became her own worst enemy.

Tobago was flooded with a sea of yellow. Trinidadians all over the place being their arrogant, flashy selves. Money, in a society that admires thrift and frugality and pulling up one's own bootstraps, was being thrown around wildly. Tobagonians looked on and realised just why Trinidad so effed up. They watched the queen parade herself. Helicopters flying in daily; trucks being ferried over with goodies...goodies that Tobagonians had been denied for the last 32 months unless they were openly TOP....and a flurry of activity to pretend as if development was taking place.

And in all this all Tobagonians wanted was a revised Constitution that gave them their promised autonomy. No music trucks, no food cards, no wild promises. Just a sober Bill that delivered what they wanted.

But Kamla, unable to keep the smallest of promises instead went over with a half-assed Bill that she rushed to Parliament and continued the orgy of money spending....SQUANDERMANIA Kamla style.....and Tobagonians looked.

In fact, they did one better and donned the yellow T-shirts, mounted the music trucks, accepted the handouts and then yesterday voted PNM.

They voted the PNM to let Kamla know that you cyah come over here with sniffer dogs in a church where you get invited to and insult people's hospitality. You cyah spend 32 months attacking black people in overt and subtle ways and then get more vex than we over Hilton Sandy comment. We would punish Sandy, but you cyah have Sat telling we how to punish Sandy. You cyah want to come and run things in Tobago house.

Not a Seat for Them!

Kamla had only to look at how Rowley played his role in the PNM's campaign to take a cue. Instead she surrounded herself with a team of dunce, clueless advisors who believe that a Trinidadian approach to life and campaigning is what would work in Tobago and put her Jack out to dry!

We Didnt Vote Full Dotish!


Tobago Yuh Lift Meh Nose, Yuh Make Meh Proud!