Full Dotish!

Image I wake up this morning to see the Guardian front page and read Dana Seetahal's comments on giving the army the same authority as police and realise that we aint just gone clear....the Government running on Full Dotish now.

Since the SoE I have been saying that the People's Partnership, that once called Manning a Dictator and indeed built an entire electoral campaign around the idea has been clearly building a Police State here. Last year Police and Army ran roughshod on the population for more than a 100 days with the likes of Prakash Ramadhar, Verna St Rose Greaves, Winston Dookeran and the Mother of the Nation in full support of it as a crime fighting tool.

This year they can't actually call a SoE again without the nation going up in arms, but they under pressure with crime....despite Warner lying about statistics and telling us to our faces that increased crime statistics mean crime going donw (you seeing where I going with Full Dotish as my prognosis, right?).

So because they can't call a next SoE without looking like more ass this government in its duncement and myopia has decided to go the final route of implementing a police state by giving Soldiers/Army powers of arrest. 

In this past week, after 3 autopsies on a soldier's body we have come face to face with the very strong possibility that the Army/Defence Force just as corrupt as the Police Service. We are now faced with the possibility that law enforcement in the country going to be controlled by both arms.....separation of powers be damned.....Commissioner of Police and Chief of Defence Staff aint have a word to say on the matter. And Warner on TV this morning saying that Trinidad unique and that justifies perverting our already precarious security systems here. What Jack and Kamla wont ever admit to is that they are incompetent and have failed abysmally. Instead they will contine to be wrong and strong...their supporters will continue to behave as if these atrocities being committed are exactly the type of governance they voted for....the country now steps closer to military dictatorship....and the People's Partnership continues on it's path to destruction now christened FULL DOTISH!

De Vice Cyah Done!


Oh, Happy New Year....I reach back and vex like that!