This is your Govt on Drugs...any questions?

  The PM at a press briefing. Photo courtesy Jyoti Communications website.


Does our PM have a substance abuse Problem?

Is it our business?


There has been a lot of speculation, rumour and discussion in the past weeks about Kamla's possible alcohol problem.

Jack Warner came out to say he sorry he ever said Kamla was so drunk she was sprawled over Gandhi.....his statue that is. Then he blamed his misspeaking and misinformation on Ramesh L Maharaj. Ramesh, deft and agile even at this twilight stage of his political career volleyed the comment firmly back into Warner's court. At that point the internet jumped into action via youtube and videos of Warner making the comment about Kamla began circulating up a storm.

Then Basdeo Panday came out and reminded us that years ago prior to May 24th 2010 he warned us the lady had a monkey on her back...and by that he wasnt referring to Warner, Moonilal or even fact he was referring to a substance abuse problem. This from the same Panday who placed a ban on Guardian editor Jones P Madeira back in 1996 because he felt that within his first 90 days in office too many photographs of him with glass in hand were appearing in the newspaper.

In Kamla's case it's not photographs of her with glass in hands, but rumours of illness. There are rumours of the PM being sick in the back of cars, of her being sick on roadsides. Then in the public space we know of 2 peas tin sending her to hospital and the mystery check in and check out in Barbados and in 2011 alone the public was informed of the PM being ill at least 4 times in the year. Couple that with the weird work hours and her sometimes questionable performances onstage and at public events and the public might well think this monkey has become a silver backed gorilla.

Then came Verna....with the perfect opportunity. You see Bas and Ramesh can be dismissed, not because they didnt witnesses, but because the electorate feel they have an axe to grind and might be unreliable witnesses because of such. Bas might be vex he lost his party leadership to Kamla, and well Ramesh has been wandering in the UNC wolderness for quite some time.

But because Verna is a current member of the party, and had been in the Cabinet for almost a year, we felt she might have been able to shed light on whether the PM is currently a functioning drunkard. But Verna ensured that her comments were shrouded in enough vagaries that at the end of it even her comments can be dismissed convincingly by no less a person than Anil Roberts, a man who many associate with substance abuse problems too....multiple substances at that.

What the substance abuse debate fails to take into consideration in any serious way is that as a population we aren't interested in Kamla's personal battle with alcohol whether it be Single Barrell or Grey Goose. Rather our concern is have we, as employers, hired an employee with a drug problem to run our government.

Make no mistake folks, this government are employees of the state. The average workplace would fire you for having one drink on the compound, much less being caught drunk operating heavy machinery. And as employers we are well within our right to want to know the mental and physical health of our employees and either offer assistance, or a pink slip.

I could care less if Kamla was an alcoholic lawyer....but I do care very much if she is a drunk PM. The PM doesn't have off-peak hours. She is a PM 24/7. She is responsible for huge decisions, a huge budget and national security issues.

Would you want an employee with an alcohol problem chairing your national security council, determining how billions of dollars are to be spent and running your entire operation?

In the US their President has to make public his annual medical report....right down to drug tests, urine samples and whether he was tested for STDs......yet we know absolutely nothing about the state of the PMs health or why she has been so ill since she took office. Imagine an employee chronically late for work and always complaining of illness....and we bad talking people from Beetham and Laventille why????

But as we consider substance abuse problems and what it means for State employees are decisions like Reshmi, SoE, Vidwattie, Section 34 and Let Wayne Starve-Gate making anymore sense to you yet?

What's your position on state employees using alcohol on the job? Fired or Hired?

De Vice Cyah Done!