Relentless Attack on our Senses

Tomorrow on i95.5 at around 10 am Insignificant Muslim Coolie par excellence is going to make an appearance. For those of you overseas that don't want to miss the gems that will fall from his lips you can catch the programme online via internet radio sites like Tune In Radio. In case you can't remember who he is, Jamal Mohammed is the COP member made into a Senator so he could become the Minister of Communications. He is the nephew of Kamal Mohammed, brother of Nafeesa Mohammed and prone to referring to himself in deprecating ways: stupid, insignificant, coolie....i'll leave Muslim out of the mix for now. His ministership was one of the positions Prkash Ramadhar successfully negotiated for in the Marlene Coudray defection fallout. Oh, yeah. The entire time you thought Prakash was battling over principles he was actually negotiating for more sitting room at the trough. And people want me to believe the COP have scruples? I've noticed of late many of their biggest champions have gone quiet online. No longer talking any kind of politics or nation-building rhetoric. Mission Accomplished, I suppose. Comfortable jobs in a Ministry department somewhere doing little and lining their pockets a lot.

The thing with Jamal Mohammed though was that he looked so papesy and harmless when hired, no one would think him capable of insidiousness. He looked mousy, almost pathetic really with the watery half smile he gives everyone. I should have known from the self-deprecating comments in the senate that he was capable of behaviour that would remind me of passive aggression. And folks, if we thought the treatment of the media under suruj Rambachan was bad, wait until we get a load of Mohammed. After two years of intermittent raids on media houses and reporter's homes, firings and hirings and selectively advertising with those willing to toe the party line, we now have open war against the media.

Thus far under Mohammed we have seen all opposition to the media be targetted, whether it is in Parliament or outside Parliament. State funding is being used to buy airtime to have Male Ministers laugh and elbow each other about female journalists and make suggestively threatening statements. Soon the government is going to assert it's right to one hour of programming on all radio and television stations daily. Thank God this is an online blog...can you imagine jumping in on it every hour to make a comment?

I don't think it makes sense anymore to say we going down a slippery path. We on it and moving at warp speed. Apart from this government having failed to fulfil any of its 2010 Manifesto, we now have further abuses of our society on all levels.

This government is attacking press freedom; condemning citizens' right to march and express their frustration with bad governance; removing our social systems like youth camps, removing free tertiary education and yet they keep telling the people they care. Complain about it and you get censured, insulted and attacked.

We have an Attorney General and National Security Minister that can't seem to make the population feel safe or enforce necessary laws, yet they use their positions to help political friends who are currently facing criminal charges.

And if that isn't enough....wait until no VAT applied to 7000 items this week!

De Vice Cyah Done!