Down Town Top Ranking...

Doh get fooled with them fiery protests in East Port of Spain and feel is just the natives acting up, eh. And no, don't get yuh knickers in a knot, we reach that point in the political nastiness where the nigger vs coolie talk back on the forefront normal normal. When Sara An Majid Khan, who is the same complexion as me, could be complaining on FB that the new Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe black and ugly, you know we cooking with gas and election season pumping.

Real people watching the action in town and figure well, is black people, they acting up again.  Them political analysts aint lie when they say Jack bounce he head  with he forays into East Port of Spain. You see, one of the things with Jack Warner is he always on ah ranking scene. Warner not just happy being the big man, he like to be seen to be the big man. Everbody must know he is the HNIC. So Jack wouldn't do like others and quietly meet with residents of Port of Spain. Nah...home boy does have to roll with camera crew and entourage. Neighbourhoods does get forewarning of the imminence of Warner. He like crowd, he like lights, he like camera. If soca was paying as much he woulda take over HD work and all, Yeah Yeah!

Just watch he actions in Chaguanas West. Jack aint satisfied being a popular MP, he also have to be THE MOST POPULAR and THE MOST HINDU MP of Chaguanas West. If politics had the same categories as beauty contests, Warner would be Mr Congeniality. And Trinis does see Warner posing, posturing and mamaguy as hard work...because we is Trinis...that is we idea of hard work....the best poser is the hardest worker, not so?

But Jack aint bounce he head normal with East Port of Spain, yuh know...he fall down and break he crown....and lemme maths it out for you.

As a smart man, Jack supposed to understand and honour the code of all smartmen. Town...specifically East Port of Spain have the reputation of being the roughest neighbourhood in Trinidad...whether is actually so is not the issue the perception. Jack, trying he hardest to pose off as the toughest most effective Minister of National Security needed to appear to conquer East PoS....anybody who coulda look like they bring peace to that art of Town coulda boast in all four corners of the island that they making inroads on crime. That is thing to hold Crime Stats Rally for...ent?

Jack done make out that he didn't have to really bring down crime figures, he just had to make Town seem quiet. So he move in Laventille and East Pos and he try to buy people silence. And he buy their silence with the promise of jobs.

Now get this clear, it have plenty people in East POS who working and working hard. I wanna large up meh Crew from the Harpe and from Bath Street and from Darcueil Lane. Yeah, one is one, strength and powers!

There is also an element of these neighbourhoods where the real work doh happen during 9-5 hours. Jack, being Jack, decide he going and offer these non-workers ah wuk. Them fellas in Town know their reputation. They know how the rest of the country view them. They know that even if they is not real gangsters everybody else does see them as gangsters. Jack come to them with a proposal. He go give them work on the condition that they keep things cool. And they agree. Jack aint the first politician to make them offers. Them accustomed to negotiating with politicians to behave. Is a normal scene.

The difference between past government officials and Jack is that Warner decide to pull rank. Yuh doh disrepect man so. A smart man supposed to know not to pull no ranking scene with smart men. Doh come and make big announcement about 500 jobs that will change lives for the better, get we to agree to it publicly and then when we show up you offering 100 jobs at $69 an hour in full view of the media. Yuh Mad? No Saddis, it doh happen so. Is not that we ever thought you was going to give all 500 jobs with big salary, but you was supposed to meet we halfway....and if you want to pull a fast one on we, doh pull it to make we look like ass. You go have fellas from East PoS looking like punks to the rest of the country. Then next thing you know goontas from Beetham, Sealots, La Horquetta, Malabar, Pinto, the Congo, all them places, laughing at we because we in pussies?

So we hadda represent on a ranking scene? We go show you ranking scene. You feel you run things, no horse, we run things, things nah run we. If we you feel you could come and buss style in East Port of Spain, think again. We is not no ass here. You offering we 100 jobs at $69/day for two months and if we did settle for that Kamla woulda throw a Crime Rally that costing we millions just to say, "Look, see, we conquered East PoS". Nah hoss. Keep yuh $69 a day. We go find something else to do. And in the meantime tire going and burn on a regular and doh let we ketch yuh in Piccadilly.

De Vice Cyah Done!