Report shows not enough Hindus being oppressed.

In a surprise turn of events, members of the Niggahs R Us conglomerate are up in arms over recent reports leaking out that not enough Hindus are being oppressed. Sources say that the conglomerates frontman Conscious Kinte the 18th, is currently doing fact checking to ascertain how after 166 years of oppression, Hindus have managed to rise.

As recently as last year the Hindu American Foundation in their 2011 Report on Hindu Human Rights in Trinidad reported that Niggahs R Us had a 98% efficiency rate of oppressing Hindus.The only area that was getting out of hand was medicine. According to the very reliable and thoroughly fact checked report:

The PNM had previousloy ruled the country for five decades and drew its main base of support from citizens of African origin. Upon coming into office, the new Prime Minister declared that she would make the country a successful multicultural society. And Bissessar has endeavored to create an inclusive government with representation from all ethnic and religious groups, as her cabinet includes a number of ethnic Afro-Caribbean ministers. In contrast, the prior ruling PNM had largely marginalized Hindus and Indians from positions in the government. Moreover, Bissessar’s People’s Partnership won the elections by attracting voters from across the ethnic and racial divide.

Under previous governments, citizens of Indian and Hindu descent faced widespread discrimination, economic and political marginalization, and were disproportionately targeted for physical violence and harassment. In July 2009, opposition Member of Parliament, Tim Gopeesingh, accussed the PNM government of carrying out a policy of political discrimination, that was specifically targeting Indo-Trinidadians. Similarly, the Indo-Trinbago Equality Councl (ITEC) claimed that there was systematic discrimination against Indo-Trinidadians in the areas of nursing, state housing, military, police, public service, and elsewhere.

The report goes on to say: According to Devant Maharaj of the ITEC, the only field where Indo-Trinidadians were overrepresented was in the medical profession (as doctors) because the field was based on merit and education.

The spokesman for Conscious Kinte revealed to the Pantomime that Niggahs R Us totally expected Hindus to excel in the field of medicine, "Because is only them who bright and hard working. We have never had doctors from any other ethnicity in the country. We does 'llow them one area to eat ah food, nah."

But under further questioning, Kinte himself came out of his tent by the East Dry River and explained to us his concerns:

Hear nah, know what I saying? Me aint understand, know what I saying? How in one year, know what I saying? Them Hindu and them manage to get work in the Public Sector,  know what I saying? I mean, check this, eh, know what I saying? Between 2011 to 2012, I seeing them have temple all over the  country and worshipping freely. Know what I saying? I even hear they allowed to get married and ah birdie whisper that Hindi teaching in schools. What the fuck? It looking like we sleeping on the job here! Know what I saying. Is not now we oppressing them you know. Look, my father, father, father, grandfather, father come down here as a muslim with Columbus just to ensure they get oppress. Know what I saying? So wha de ass? In one year? Just so? Down to their woman jump out they self and singing soca and working in the Prime Minister's office. Nah...nah...nah....we aint taking that. I Conscious Kinte say ring the effing bell! Bring down the power!

When probed as to where he thinks this recent surge in Hindu rebellion has come from, Kinte said, "Hear nah, know what I saying? It had two fellas we did ketch and release....Rudy Capildeo and Basdeo Panday....know what ah saying? We feel is them behind this yuh know. But all of that pending investigation! Know what I saying?

The Pantomime will be keeping this issue on the front burner.


De Vice Cyah Done!