Notes from the Pink Palace...the Pre-Budget Feeding Frenzy


It is alleged that the following are notes from 3 COP members who were present at the Pre-Budget meeting at the Pink Palace representing the COP. Names have been removed to protect sources. If these reports are indeed accurate it suggests that the COP has lost all power within the Partnership and that the feeding frenzy within the UNC is now beyond epic!

Three reports from the meeting at the PM's residence yesterday

1)Dear NatEx Colleagues Let me share my sentiments on today's experience at the "pre-budget discussion"

'Our' MP Roberts took pride in 'chairing' the meeting The PM had practically the entire Government in one room 'campaigning' to ~ 200 persons (about 5 reps. per constituency)

It seemed that the PM did not make it clear what the forum would have been to hear from all MPs.

This was a deliberate misuse of Ministerial time as it was geared ONLY towards consolidating the UNC base and nothing more.

Most persons there were not really interested in the 'reports' but the 'rum & roti' to follow

There were Board members discussing openly which Boards they want to be on next Yes, we were invited and it would have been discourteous to not attend, but the PM acted in bad faith and used our decency.

In my humble opinion our Ministers present were operating on their own and in the interest of the UNC only –( being USED by the UNC) This cannot be continued, COP MPs/ Ministers needs to be more judicious about their engagements - this was NOT an official Government event - if they can have time to meet with UNC supporters for a feeding frenzy, then they can meet with COP members.

The media was outside with zoom lenses trying to get a shot Just some thoughts.


2. Dear Colleagues We correctly assessed the purpose of the UNC gathering yesterday. Panday has trained them well. They have internalized his modus operandi - when faced with a problem, invent an "enemy" and call on the "followers" to surround the wagons to defend the "chief".

I just heard the news where the UNC leader said 'if 14000 don't come to their rally they won't be supporting their PM'. The disease of individualist self-seeking is reeking at all levels- Parliamentarians acting without reference to the party. Individuals like the one who calls herself the COP's intellectual capacity sat in silence on Saturday night for the entire meeting and ran to the blogs with a "message to the COP leadership. Her adoring fans on the internet welcome again the display of "heroism" of a coward afraid to speak at a party forum, seeking adoration from the world. Others have also arisen from the dead, 'back from Banbass' to reclaim leadership positions having not lifted a finger for the COP for 2 years. We are in a situation in which the NAR fell apart and disappeared. Let us never allow that to be repeated.

3) I was surprised at the format when we got there. We did think that it was a "consultation," a round-table discussion, maybe. Now there is going to be a pre-budget rally at "Mid-Center Mall" on Saturday. They are rallying their forces, troops.

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