Is TEAM UNC COP worried about COP Walking?

Last night the media blitz to distract from section 34 began with the Panchayat announcing the Pre-Budget rally or Budget Matikor. Online they began boasting that Rowley brought out 5000, but they would bring out 40,000. This morning they posted a list of all the corruption under the PNM...perhaps forgetting conveniently that in 2010 they were hired to root out and put an end to corrupt politics. The Oppposition Leader's Office also put out a corresponding list with 63 items that has since been added to by the public.

The intriguing thing is that on Public Walls they are being proud, boastful and unrepentent over the fiasco that is Section 34, but behind closed doors there is fear that the COP will walk and possibly TOP and Errol McLeod.

Take a read. I've deleted names and e-mail addresses:
  • Oh gord man COP man, doh go nah.
    I remember when I was small and the fellows in my village used to come home after drinking their rum in the rumshops.
    It is then they would look for fight among their fellow-villagers.
    We used to be so amused to hear them say even as they brandished their cutlasses.
    "Hold mih back! Allyuh hold mih back before I kill the so-and-so today."
    Those drunkards did not mean it then, and the COP does not mean their threats today. 
    They just looking for some verbal support. 
    If they could only understand that they are important to the coalition, not as an opposition party, but as support for the government of mainly UNC members.
    Comparatively speaking, they are a small proportion of the coalition, but they act like dictators of the pace.
    I guess that is because of their percieved heights of academic achievements have made their heads too large for their bodies. 
    And that is a pity, because this attitude of theirs can ruin all that this government has set out to do. 


    To: JahajeeDesi

    Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 16:50:30 -0400
    Subject: [FREE SPEECH] _ Re: [So COP leaves the PP, then what?]_ Open Letter To The COP

    There are more things under heaven and earth TEAM UNC-COP than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    Only the wicked and the blind ask what's next when the decision is one of morality.

    On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 1:40 PM, TEAM UNC-COP wrote:


    OK, so let's say COP leaves the PP government. TEAM UNC-COP & CCDSJintl organization - all our online groups and Facebook pages - are absolutely against this; we are for stronger and more forceful demands by COP to the PP leadership so that we can have better governance,  but totally against COP leaving the PP govt. 
    BUT, since so many are asking or implying COP to leave, let's come to that situation where COP leaves, on Tuesday Sep 25th 2012. THEN WHAT? COP does what? what next for COP? There is no point asking COP to leave the PP without telling us where does COP go from there?  
    - COP Ministers out of govt so PP appoints others as Ministers. OK. We don't know how many Ministers will resign from the Govt and COP can't force anyone to resign from the govt. Anil stays with PP. Who else stays? who leaves? 
    - COP MPs remain as MP. OK.  All of them?
    - COP councilors remain as councilors. OK. Local elections coming up in 2013, will COP field candidates in this election, for a 3-way race, line in 2007?
    - COP is now Opposition B in Parliament. OK. So what?
    - PP govt continues, still with a majority in Parliament. So now what does COP do?

    It wasn't going to be easy, this amalgam or coalition of parties and people in the PP; and few expected the PP to be so damn bad! But, more expected COP to say more, do more, and demand more. COP can still do that, for the next 30 months.  A major problem facing COP is the MATH: they don't have the numbers and PP can still remain in govt without COP. Another major problem is a human behavior one: COP people who have positions in the govt will not leave jsut to satisfy the urgings of others who want them to leave, why should they? People behave in that way, whether we like it or not. 

    So, what is the role of a post-PP COP? and why is this better than COP in the PP now? And, how does this benefit COP, how does this benefit T&T?

    Subject: Re: Open Letter To The COP

    Am I hearing the bugles of Rowley calling the flock home?????
    J :)

    Activist KBA wrote:
    > Dear Executive and Members Of the COP,

    > It is my view that the Congress of the People has become a major part of the problem of governance in Trinidad and Tobago and can no longer offer any solutions to the people. We are at a juncture in our history where we need a strong voice emerging pointing to leadership that we can support and trust. Leadership that offers sincere committment to national development; to bringing harmony and balance to the four races of man that co-exist in this space; to assisting this nation to understand the time and align itself with the awakening to the new reality that is emerging in the earth out of the debris of collapsed systems; to practical and comprehensive programs and policies that would facilitate us to overcome ignorance and prejudice and conquer the mountains of culture, society, economy, politics, religion, media and education.

    > From its inception the COP has spoken disparagingly about the nature of the UNC. I find it very unfortunate that having decided to join with the UNC to attain government, the COP can still find nothing good to say about the UNC two and almost a half years later. What is most disturbing is that the COP expects to stay in a partnership with the UNC, convey to all and sundry how rotten they think that they( the UNC) are and expect the electorate to not recognize the COP as vulgar hypocritical parasites. The COP is turning out to be worse than the UNC. The whole nation knows where it stands with the UNC. For the COP to stay in the Partnership and pretend that it is superior and different to the UNC is tantamount to taking the nation for fools. Marriage is the act of becoming one. Therefore this continuing political marriage makes the COP one with the UNC.

    > Imagine the COP now claiming that the Prime Minister's Childrens' Life Fund and the laptop distribution plan originated with the COP. So what is the point here? Why the confusion? Is it that we can no longer even expect a proper interpretation of the Constitution from the COP. The Constitiution establishes the Opposition as the watchdogs of the government for and on behalf of the people. I am hearing the COP claiming that status. Everybody with sense knows that the implementers are not supposed to be the evaluators. It is an obvious conflict of interest. The COP wants to be the government and the Opposition too. How gauche. This is schizophrenia if you ask me.The COP has to make up its mind whether it is part of a desirable government or an undesirable one. No part of a rotten egg is edible.

    > It is very sad to see how the COP has so easily abandoned its principles, prograammes and even its pretense at sincerety in exchange for the trappings of power and prestige. The argument has been put forward by the COP that you cannot do anything if you are outside of government. Well that is true, especially if you have not been able to do anything inside the government. Not even own and lay claim to your own projects. I have lost all respect for this sad spectacle that is parading as the COP.

    > We the people of Trinidad and Tobago are suffering through the agony of an attack against our constitution from within the Parliament itself; we are suffering through the spectre of every watchdog of our democracy sleeping while our democracy was being vandalized; we are suffering through the terror of a great void in leadership and governance; our trust in all our institutions has been eroded as we look at partners, presiding over those institutions, who neither respect nor trust each other.

    > Our one hope was that the real COP, the one that we thought we voted for in 2010 would emerge and reclaim its brand, its fire , its principles and most importantly, its own identity. Alas, this is not to be.The PNM has lost its way too a long time ago.What will we do now? The people must make the next move. Organize! Organize! Organize!