Dear Kamla...It's Only Just Begun!

Dear Kamla Rani,

Let me take the opportunity to wish you a safe trip. I am advised that after delivering last night's speech on 34 Gate you will be spending the Republic weekend outside of Trinidad and Tobago. While there you should do something about that cough because I fear in the coming weeks there'll be more issues to talk about and that cough will only worsen.

Your speech last night bothered me because it was flawed on numerous levels and I am beginning to think that not just Teddy Ruxpin lied to the country, after last night's display I am convinced you did too. First of all, what you listed in your address as the key issues are not the key issues. Let me list what you said for you:

There are two areas of concern:-

(1)  The Bill including Section 34 was passed by both Houses of Parliament with the full support of the Opposition and   Independent benches; (2) Cabinet agreed to the prior partial proclamation of Section 34 a  prelude to the proclamation of the rest of the Act.

The issue dear Rani is that the Lower House and Upper House saw two different Clause 34s and to date no one knows when the change took place, and who effected the change. YOU REFUSED TO ANSWER THIS!

Further, it is not just that Cabinet agreed to partial proclamation but that they did so BEHIND THE NATION's BACK and FOR WHAT PURPOSE?

You have not indicated to us how Ish and Steve's legal team knew about the proclaimed Act before the nation's legal fraternity. Or why only 5 Clauses were proclaimed on the night of August 30th.

Another large issue that loomed it's head last night is your time line of events. You created a time-line that obscures the AG's involvement in the passage of this Bill through PArliament. But, Madam Rani, the thing is that A bill does not pick up and walk itself through Parliament and over to the President's House for Proclamation. People help Bills through. And while the AG in the form of Anand Ramlogan may indeed have been out of the country, someone would have acted as AG, and given the trend this year that may well have been Ganga Singh. Yet another person from the old UNC administration with clouds over his head who keeps popping up in your government. A government that is increasingly equivalent to corruption. So if the AG wasn't here at the time of proclamation, who was acting in his place? Further, I am advised that even though Ramlogan was out of the country from July 20th to August 4th, the cabinet Meeting to proclaim Section 34 occurred on August 6th. Was Ramlogan not here, then too?

My point is simple, your account of the AG's involvement in the proclamation of this Bill doesn't add up. And I want the truth. Please see the Oxford English Dictionary for it's meaning and etymology.

Further, and this is another crucial point for me. You come on state television and announce that a member of your Cabinet has lied to you, the PM, lied to the Cabinet, lied to the Senate, the Parliament, the DPP and various Law Associations, in short, the entire country and all you've done is remove him from his ministerial position? He won't be fired as a Minister? If this man is capable of lying to the entire Government and Parliament and country, on what grounds is he remaining as a representative of the people? WE DEMAND A BY-ELECTIONS in St. Josseph, NOW!

If that is beyond your remit, tender yours. I have no confidence in you as Prime Minister to over see the affairs of this country. To have the gall to stand on television last night and admit you knew nothing about legislation being passed under your tenure smacks of incompetence!

In another instance, you claimed that up until Wednesday of this week that you were still investigating matters and only removed Volney as a Minister yesterday. That's a misspeak, fired Volney over the weekend. How do I know? You had one of your favourite Ministers announce it at a crucial COP meeting at the start of this week. You've known since Monday that Volney was fired. So, why wait until Thursday to announce it? You wanted to see if the march would be successful to know precisely what your government would be pressured to do? That was just the first, Madam. We want you out...ALL of You!

You think with your long rambling speech last night wherein you tried to educate  me about the Westminster system and blame the entire Parliament for the blunders of your Cabinet that you have appeased me?

No, Rani.....Yuh Think It Done?

It's Only Just Begun!

Warmest Regards,

De Pantomime!