Those Pesky Media Minions!

Kamla Rani needs new PR people because her spin has grown oooooold. In the wake of being caught sneaking the thieves out the back door the gaffes this lot have executed are inelegant enough to make you wonder if they could even manage to fake their way through a school play! From day one of the PP Misstep Dance...back in the days of inane things like missing pianos etc, the country has been treated with a special mixture of contempt and buffoonery, last night's press release from the PM indicating that she will speak out today is no different.

Last week in the Parliament the Attorney General told us that as soon as the Law was proclaimed and the Silkened PM realised the flaw...because she is a very good lawyer you know...the PM....without needing any consultation decided to convene PArliament to convene said law. What Ramlogan's comments suggested was that Madame Silk understood the matter so intimately that she herself came up with the idea to repeal the Bill and also suggested the retroactive wording in its whole repeal.


But clearly the PR Minion who wrote Anand's speech didn't speak to the PR Minion who wrote Kamla Rani's Press Release, because these are the words in them:

Soon after Section 34 was proclaimed, the Director of Public Prosecutions expressed concerns to the Attorney General regarding the implications and consequences of the event. The Attorney General sought an immediate audience with me and having examined the matter myself, I was satisfied that the consequences and far-reaching implications of this section were not consistent with Government policy. In the circumstances, I gave instructions for the Parliament to be convened immediately to consider a Bill to repeal Section 34...

Apart from taking immediate and necessary action to repeal Section 34, I chose to remain silent on the issue of its early proclamation because a premature commentary on the matter before all information became available to me would have been injudicious. Since then I have been personally enquiring into the circumstances...

In short, what the Prime Minister is telling us here is that the AG told her what to do, she convened the Parliament and then after that went to find out what really transpired with Section 34 of the Indictable Offences Act.....The PM is as good as saying that she didn't have a clue about what transpired with the Act....the Leader of Government, the head of our Parliament. The person who would have to make contact with the President to request proclamation of a Bill is saying that she didn't know the details about this law that she convened a Parliament to repeal. Don't expect a satisfactory answer or any shouldering of responsibility today folks...this lady really wants to move on!

The next person up to his neck in shit from his minions is Prakash Ramadhar. Ramadhar, the Minister of Legal Affairs, the man who has oversight for the Legislative Review Committee NEVER SPOKE during the sitting on September 12th. Instead what we received was a press release from party chairman Joseph Toney indicating that their political leader voted on a differently worded piece of legislation. Ramadhar remained silent throughout the clown acts put on by the AG, the Min of Justice, the Min of Sport, and the the Min of National Defence. There is not a word on the Hansard Record from our Minister of Legal Affairs. So while Ramadhar has come out to apologise to the nation in a press conference....the records of our Parliament will never show that one member of a Cabinet pointed out that another member of the Cabinet lied! And for that I will never forgive Ramadhar...the records should have shown that the Minister of Legal Affairs didn't see Section 34 of the Act.

Today the PM is promising to break her silence on Section 34, and lemme tell you, I hope them minions writing a good speech. Tuesday's march frightened the shit out of this government....generally thousands of angry black people on the streets of Port of Spain does get get all governments here antsy....and in the aftermath of that march suddenly the civil groups in our society found their balls (on recess somewhere in their large intestines) and spoke out.

Given the PM's tone in her press release she is going to use ignorance as her plea, and one throat will get buss! Teddy Ruxpin has been very silent in the last three days....I think we've seen the last of his smile. The government has tried it's best with the spin: they've blamed the PNM, pointed to the Laventille murder rate desperately and then toted Keshorn Walcott out again into Laventille to hand out houses...I suspect javelin throwing is part of the new crime initiative!

Volney will be the ritual sacrifice today, and Prakash Ramadhar will use this as a justification to remain in all the rumblings about COP walking will mean nothing....too much gravy left for them to sop up!

The question is will he be replaced or his Ministry dissolved?


De Vice Cyah Done!