The Answers We Won't Get

As some of us await the PM's post-Cabinet  comments on 34gate, I want to warn you that most of it will amount to nothing....Kamla won't be breaking her silence, so much as she will be breaking wind on us...because it will smell to the heavens, but we may not be absolutely sure where the stench originated from! The questions that we have are not the questions that will be answered.

We won't know: 1. When the amendment to clause 34 was made.

2. Why the amendment was made.

3. Why Section 34 was selected for Proclamation

4. Why Ish and Steve and their lawyers knew about the Proclamation before the legal fraternity and Parliament.

5. Why so many legal minds and groups never saw Clause 34.

6. Why the PPG feels the need to protect Ish and Steve at all costs.


What we will hear will further anger us....expect pissing from great heights!

De Vice Cyah Done!