Real Trinis Talking Race!

It is no secret that we are entirely mired in tribal politics here in Trinidad and Tobago....but often the perspective is that outside of the politics we get along just fine on other issues. there are a number of FB groups that give themselves very patriotic sounding titles: True Trinis Discussing....Real Trinis ....Proud Trinis Building.... the irony is, go to most of these FB groups and they aren't actually discussing national issues in any serious way, but hurling mud. For the most part I observe, because entry into discussions gets you called names; further, the minute you say anything anti-the PPG you're labelled a racist PNMite. Equally, the moment you point out government policy, you are a racist UNC or eating ah food.  There is never an attempt to address the topic at hand, just an immediate launch to "You is ah racist PNM" or  "a racist UNC". Apart from the name calling there is also a lot of  finger pointing: PNM did this vs UNC did that.  Such arguments get tedious very quickly, and more often than not on pages that are in support of the People's Partnership, it is the only type of discussion you will find. Unless you go to a COP wall where there is absolutely no discussion because everyone in the party seems to have been struck mute.
The following is an extract from a wall. I've only used initials and kept people's profiles as anonymous as possible. The initial poster put up the following picture followed by the comment that here was someone's kind. It won't take you long to find out which side of the divide they are on. It also won't take you long to figure out that these political groups aren't about politics or nation building.
KKG Posted:
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  • KKG: here is CCP's "kind"
  • JN SC according to the caption...... YouOnShit KKG.................... I now know where stupidity lies...............
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  • KKG: We all know where stupidity lies... With you!
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  • CP: Nobody does fight more than your kind when they drink rum so dont come with that! Just yesterday my neighbour of YOUR KIND pulling cutlass for he wife and children cause he drink ah lil rum, try again!! Epic FAIL!
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  • KKG: At least she is he wife and not child mother... And I could bet all de children is he own too...
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  • CP:  You are the living proof of an anal birth yes lolzzzzz smh... I never see nobody so dumb as you! You don't even know the people from adam but yuh "sure." pee and go in yuh bed eh lolzzz
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  • KKG: Ah sure be minding dem too and not off breeding again and leaving it fuh de govt to mind..
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  • CCP: Nah is your kind that running down URP and FODD CARD!
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  • KKG: Indian hater... Y u no go back Africa?
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  • CP: Tell Kams carry you India lolzz I am Trinidadian to my bone, the red white and black fly high, no place for yellow lolzzzz
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  • KKG:  Again with your lies, smh... We all know Indians get nothing for free in this country...And even if they could... The PNM Indian haters like you in the public service make sure they cross fire to get it...They again, look at the population of the jails... Lavantille and beetham... All Grenadian descendants like you...

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  • KKG: Beggars and Criminals...
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  • CP: Lmaooooooo You wanna call me "Grenandian" and you more black than me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!Who say madrass!!!!! Lol
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  • CP: take note eh....
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  • DS: Really people... This is the kind of topic we're debating as Trinis??? What one race's characteristics are as opposed to another??? And we wonder why we are not moving forward as a society...
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  • CP: Look who started it buddy....
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  • CP: From the time the truth is told to her she gets in a racial fit
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  • RM:

     From an article in Jyoti communications .............Warner reminded the House that it was Rowley as Minister of Planning in 2003 who approved a COSTAATT programme that proposed to target Afro-Trinidadian males. When his Prime Minister tried to gloss over the matter when it became public by stating that it was a typo in the budget documents, Rowley boldly proclaimed that it was government policy and no typo.Warner called Rowley a hypocrite, noting the lawsuits that the PNM administration lost in the discrimination cases of Feroza Ramjohn, Devant Maharaj and the Maha Sahba.“Do not come here and pontificate,” Warner said.

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  • DS: It's not a topic we should encourage... Despite the best intentions of everyone here, ultimately we are just proving to ourselves that we degenerate to the "Race Card" and that's exactly what all our politicians are hoping we continue to do. Let's hold all of them accountable on pure delivery and service, nothing else...
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    • RM: Again from the Jyoti Communications article:..........Warner also noted that the Manning PNM government awarded secret scholarships valued at $53 million through the culture ministry with only 10 per cent going to people of Indian descent. Warner also reminded legislators of depriving the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) of fundingWarner also slammed Rowley on the issue of appointments to state boards noting that of 508 appointments made by the PNM when it was in power 138 members (21 per cent) were Indians as opposed to the People's partnership record of 53 per cent Indians of the 508 appointments.

      And he pointed out that eight diplomatic appointees under the new government are are African, five are Indians and one a Caucasian. ..........................

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    • RM: Privy Council allows Equal Opportunity Act Thursday, October 18 2007On Monday, the London-based Privy Council hit the Trinidad and Tobago government for not enforcing the Equal Opportunity Act.In a 22-page judgment, the Law Lords allowed the appeal of 20 trinidad citizens and declared that the act, passed under the United National Congress (UNC) government in 2000 was lawful and constitutional.

      (1) Kenneth Suratt (on behalf of himself and 14 others)

      (2) Devon Garray

      (3) Davis Thomas

      (4) Dianne Arneaud

      (5) Abygail Arneaud

      (6) Rakesh Persad

      (7) Ashton Ramsundar



      The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago



      The Court of Appeal of

      Trinidad and Tobago

      Judgment of the Lords of the Judicial

      Committee of the Privy Council (Privy Council Appeal No 84 of 2006)

      Delivered October 15, 2007

      Present at the hearing:

      Lord Bingham of Cornhill

      Baroness Hale of Richmond

      Lord Carswell

      Lord Brown of


      Lord Mance

      Dissenting judgment of Lord Bingham of Cornhill

      1. This appeal raises a question of great difficulty and importance. It is whether the Equal Opportunity Act 2000 ("the EOA" or "the Act") is inconsistent with the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, which by section 2 of the Constitution is the supreme law, and so void. It was held to be so by Smith J sitting in the High Court and his decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal (Sharma CJ, Archie and Mendonca JJA) in a judgment of Archie JA with which the other members of the court agreed. The appellants challenge that conclusion.

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    • RM: The Trinidad guardian Tuesday 16th October, 2007"Maharaj claimed that in 2000 the Opposition People's National Movement took the position that the act was unconstitutional and did not support it.The act was eventually passed by simple majority, but when Prime Minister Patrick Manning took office he refused to implement it."

      De Vice Cyah Done!