We Must Have Blood!


It is three news days since Denyse Renne's story in The Guardian has alerted us to the Section 34 Fiasco.

To date only the Leader of the Opposition and his team has spoken about or responded to the issues for the public. Thus far Prakash Ramadhar, our Minister of Legal Affairs...and by the way this is a post that has huge responsibilities when it comes to drafting laws and Constitutional Reform....and the Prime Minister, who is the leader of the Cabinet have had NOTHING TO SAY. Kamla's muteness has become so common to us now that I think no one expects a word from her....and it appears that Ramadhar taking plenty training from the Rani, because he mum as a tomb. In fact go to any of the COP or UNC FB walls where the bloggers are normally in a froth, branding anyone who opposes them "PNM" and "Racist" and you will see little activity. They stunned! They trying to figure out how to spin this one and blame it on Manning, Rowley, Colm....anybody but Kamla!

In fact this is the best popular pro-UNC blogger Allan Karim could come up with:

I don’t know why PNM trying to score cheap political points when they themselves debated the bill and voted for it with their eyes wide opened.

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  • Justin Bailey After certain assurance were given that what has happened would not happen present all the facts.
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  • Allan Karim What is the assurance?
  • Rhoda Bharath Check the Hansard Allan Karim....it's all in the Hansard...don't let PNMites who racist and bigoted do your research for you.
    In short, despite all the information provided yesterday by The Keith, most of which was quoted from the Hansard, that indicates that Minister of Justice, Hubert Volney promised, on behalf of the government to put certain measures in place before proclaiming the law, UNC members refuse to accept that their government has betrayed them.
    Soon, because by later today MArsha and her online minions would have roused themselves adequately to fight back, and I can tell you what their response will be: THE PNM VOTE FOR IT TOO, THOUGH.....which echoes AG Anand Ramlogan's foolish response last night.
    What they are hoping you and I lose sight of is that Steve and Ish are corrupt UNC financiers who were involved in bid rigging under the last UNC regime.
    What they are also hoping you will lose sight of is that the wording of Section 34 in November 2011 and Section 34 as it reads today is completely different. In today's Express Criminal Bar President Pamela Elder claims to have never seen Section 34.
    What they are also hoping too is that you don't understand the enormity of this Government tampering with a law, and passing such a law to favour their friends.
    What Section 34 does is let us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this government cannot be trusted, and indeed, considering their breach of oral assurances in the Parliament, all recorded in the Hansard, Justice Volney, Prakash Ramadhar, Anand Ramlogan and Kamla Persad-Bissessar, not only MUST ANSWER to the population for this crime against us, but they should also resign.
    To go soft on this issue is and let it be a 9-day wonder is to allow this government to completely destroy this country.
    De Vice Cyah Done!