34 Shades of Screwed


I woke up this morning heart sick beyond belief over the fiasco that is Section 34 of the Indictable Offences Act.

After reading Clarence Rambharat's legal opinion on Section 34 of the Act and how it has been used as a legal loophole to free Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, I had to pause and have a good think.

I feel as if we are on the verge of collapse because what this government has shown us today is that they will rape the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago into oblivion to serve the needs and interests of its friends.

The issue of financing of political parties is thrown into full relief now because everyone should know that Ish and Steve are financiers of the UNC...they have also financed other political parties in the past, like the PNM, but they came into the spotlight in the late 90s as financiers of the UNC who managed to pour more than a billion dollars of the country's money into their pockets under the guise of building an international airport.

It is pretty well known that Ish and Steve have been facing corruption charges. 

In Trinidad and Tobago most people don't take corruption and fraud crimes seriously, least of all our government and legal system...but the enormity of Ish and Steve's theft has most of the nation up in arms for over a decade. Today, 2.5 years of cunning, conniving and corruption came to a head as we saw the hard work of Hubery Volney, Minister of Justice; Prakash Ramadhar, Minister of Legal Affairs; and Anand Ramlogan, attorney general come to fruition.

Under the previous regime the team that was prosecuting Ish and Steve won every step of the case against them until Anand Ramlogan became AG and changed the team of prosectors at the 11th hour and miraculously Ish and Steve won their case against being extradited to the US and the AG assured us that they would receive a fair and speedy trial here. The US wasn't thrilled. They wanted Ish and Steve's heads too and were being denied. Ish and Steve walked free in the midst of the government sponsored State of Emergency. Now, in the midst of Independence celebrations for our 50th Anniversary the Govt tried to slip a new law out whereby a sub-section provided the loophole for Steve and Ish to petition the judicial system to have all charges against them be dropped.

The rub is that it is a piece of legislation that was agreed on collectively by both the lower and upper houses. Senators and MPs: Government, Opposition and Independent all saw the need to get rid of preliminary hearings. Section 34 caused concerns, Colm Imbert had raised them in the Parliament and according to both him and The Keith in this morning's press conference the government assured them that 1). The law would apply from when person's were found guilty and 2). The Law wouldn't be proclaimed until all systems and measures were put in place: so in short it wasn't meant to be proclaimed any time soon.

So while people were at separate Flag Raising Ceremonies on the night of August 30th, Kamla was getting Max (a complete dud in my opinion) to proclaim 5 sections of the Bill and thus enacting parts of the law. A part of the law that if Denyse Renne of the Guardian hadn't reported on, Ish and Steve could have quietly had their cases thrown out and walked free.

Parliament is convening tomorrow to  repeal Section 34 after The Keith breathed fire and brimstone this morning and the US Embassy issued a veiled threat in a press release.

There is, however, no confirmation yet that Ish and Steve won't walk free...you see, they petitioned when Section 34 was part of a law....repealing Section 34 tomorrow may have no impact on Steve and Ish at all....and so, they may still walk away as free men....and then it remains to be seen what the US will do. In the meantime Kamla, Prakash, Volney and Anand have shown us just how nasty and insidious they are. They have shown us that a Government they will screw the entire nation over for their clique of friends and family.

It has become sickening the filth that they pass off as governance on a daily basis....and their supporters lap it up and regurgitate it for us. Whether or not Section 34 is repealed tomorrow it is TIME FOR THIS GOVERNMENT TO GO!

But lookout....by Friday we could be hearing that Steve, Ish and HD walking off into the sunset free as birds!