Techno Crass?

In a move that mirrors David Cameron's British government in May of this year the People's Partnership, national mimic men, are about to purchase IPads for 73 members of our Parliament: that number includes both Upper and Lower House. Now don't get me wrong, I'm actually not against our Parliamentarians getting IPads, in fact I am hoping it will help Roodal Moonilal's debating skills and possibly get him to stop lying so much in Parliament, pulling false information from out of that very roomy area south of where his brain should be and also provide him with a quick and handy dictionary.

I also hope that it means too that Parliamentary sittings will cost the tax, far less money by saving on paper, among other things. As I say this, I remember Panday being put out of Parliament several years ago for using his how times have changed. The Bas was always a trendsetter!

Now, my fear is that the majority of this government will see the IPad as just something else to bling with. In short, gadget fetishism, and not realise that they've got a proper tool in their hands and can step up their game.

If a parliament app was developed for instance it could contain Hansard Records and the country's Constitution in PDF form with a search system that allows for easy retrieval of laws, acts and amendments.

Use of a tool such as the IPad, coupled with a social media platform could actually make Parliament more interactive with citizens being able to log on and weigh in on debates.

But perhaps this a pipe dream.

My instincts tell me that this will be just an accessory for most MPs. it may be an opportunity for some to secretly purchase iPads for their girlfriends and mothers. Further it may be a way for the friend of a minister to eat ah food. When Barbados' Parliament started its digital shift the MPs paid for their iPads.... US$500 each when you go to Amazon or the Apple store. Most Trinbagonians can't spare that kind of money to buy a work tool, now we are being told in one breath we have to tighten our belts, while our taxes and revenues continue to prop up a Parliament that has failed us.

If this government....both Cabinet and Opposition, was really serious about belt tightening, running the country and setting an example they'd offer to purchase their own IPads and use it as the work tool it is. But this lot likely to fuck up within their first week of ownership with porn or a sex tapes scandal!

De Vice Cyah Done!