Vernon de Lima or deluded?

So by show of hands, who here believes the COP has integrity and capable of walking away from the Eat Ah Food Buffet? Budget just around the corner and Vernon expect Ramadhar to walk away from the goodies that the Rani will be sharing out? After Prakash showed us that his is a party of easy virtue in May of this year; the COP then proceeded to play the role of virgin in the whorehouse: trying to play all innocent and pure while consorting with what is the most rapacious, corrupt and greedy government to date.

The last time this COP threatened to walk on an issue Ramadhar went on vacation, returned and changed his tune ever so subtly, and then eventually the entire COP chorus line joined him.

From the Mayor Coudray issue to the present , Ramadhar and the CopOut have shown us clearly where their value systems are deep deep pockets.

So, many of us will wait for the COP National Council meeting on Sunday, September 9th with bated breath....all I will say is inhale deeply.

Oh, and by the way apparently soca artists writing press conference speeches....because I swear is I'm Not Drunk Colin Partap was reciting for the media yesterday!


As predicted yesterday, Prakash Ramadhar has stated firmly that the COP will debate the motion but they are going no where. So, what's the point of debating the motion if you already took an action decision, Prakash! To pappy show your members? Ahhhh, COP, the Trojan Horse Virus of Trinidad and Tobago.