Awards handing out like sweetie!

Can you even remember who won the Trinity Cross last year? And yes, I still call it the Trinity Cross because as far as I am concerned the Maha Sabha and their foolishness could take a back seat this morning. Even on the list of awardees yesterday the oh-so politically inept government had Keshorn Walcott down for the "Trinity Cross" and I had to laugh, because this never-see-come-see government don't even realise how not cut out they are for government, and daily we have to deal with their steady stream of inadequacies. Yes, I said it....this government is INADEQUATE! And their supporters defend their inadequacies and failings the same way superstitious concoctions hold up sagging genitals.....with myth and smoke.....and yes, I just equated this government with a limp dick, because both men and women understand very well how frustrating and disappointing a limp dick is. The lead up to our Independence celebrations were filled with all of those frustrations. Poor planning, abuse of the flag as a symbol of national pride, Kamla and Jack on commemorative coffee mugs. In short the entire politicizing of our national symbols by a party that is anything but patriotic. Any party that can be lying to the country as much as this lot does, and wasting our money the way this lot wastes our money cannot be considered patriotic or upstanding.....and any supporter silly enough to defend their lies and thievery just as unpatriotic. Yes I said it, the supporters and defenders of this regime are unpatriotic and don't deserve to be citizens here. They don't love Trinidad and Tobago....they love her treasury and resources and only happy and patriotic when they eating ah food and sucking the country dry.

And some of these parasites got awards yesterday....national awards....not awards that indicated they are locusts of the highest order....nope....they got National Awards, and since this government has been in power National Awards got as important as the tissue paper they must be written on....and imagine I thought that it couldn't get more political than it was under the PNM!!!

Looking at the list of journalists who got awards yesterday I had to shake my head. Pholoo Danny? Really? Did she get it because she was part of the Pro-Kamla PR team from 2009? Or did she get it because her husband is currently the head of the SIA? What has Danny's journalism contributed to the country? Who can name one good article written by her?

Clevon Raphael? I think Mr Raphael a cool tess, but there are far too many unexplored questions in his regular newspaper interviews. The last interview I read of Raphael was with Imam Hyad-Ali, when the goodly Imam implied that African Muslims were inferior to Indian Muslims.....and Raphael never pursued the comments.....that's not dropping the ball folks, that's putting it back firmly in the box and closing the lid with a loud bang. Award you say?

With every single journalist on that list yesterday I asked myself the question what is their body of work and legacy to the nation.....and only a few of the journos there passed muster. I also wondered why certain other journalists like Sunity Maharaj, Jones P Madeira, Kim Johnson, Jerome Tang Lee, Keith Shepherd, Camini Mahrajh didn't make the cut. What did some of these journalists do to deserve a national award that the others didn't......and when I go back to the UNC campaign that began in 2009 I know precisely why who got their awards did. More handouts for the faithful in some, not all,instances I expect.

There are other names on the list of awardees that baffle me....Munro? Really? Of Scott Drug Report fame? The promoter who makes a killing with Soca Monarch every year and still gets government funding? What has he added to our culture? Apart from ensuring that the treasury funds are misappropriated and we get a substandard product EVERY year.....what he doing for us?

I'm even confused about the award to George Chambers.....what policies from the Chambers era did they feel stand put to deserve the award.....or was the Chambers award given so that no one would question the Adrian Cola Rienzi award? why would anyone question Cola Rienzi being given an award for his rightful and correct contribution? To fighting for the rights of the Labour Union....but when you want to paint Rienzi as an architect of Independence, I get worried. Why? Simple....this government has proven that it is not above lying about history, inaccurately rewriting history and in many cases stealing the history and achievements of others and passing it off as their own.

With so much evidence to show that the DLP opposed Independence, this government spent months surreptitiously trying to convince the nation that Rudranath Capildeo was actually pro Independence and one of the architects of the movement. Further,, they also described Butler and Rienzi as the architects of our Independence.....supporters of Self Government, yes.....architects of Independence, not quite. Under the vision of these men Trinidad and Tobago would have accepted Crown rule for at least another decade. Williams had his wasn't one of them.

So to shift from that kind of vision, end up with the kind of piss poor everything is a fete and hand out government like the kind we have now is not just's galling.

This government not bright and cunning and crafty. It will continue to oppress the electorate, run us into the ground with the fete and welfare.....and the fetes not even well planned....while promoting itself as patriotic and caring. I'm still trying to figure out why I supported voting out the PNM for this!

Now, after this rant....anybody remember who won the Trinity Cross last year? It was the two peas tin that attacked Kamla's ankles!

De Vice Cyah Done!