Incredible Skulks

Where to start boy? Within four days we have generated more scandal and kuchoor than a regular one-month cycle. If you put aside the fact that is 2 murders a day under Warner's tenure as Bess Minister of National Security....a man who spends more time fighting the media and Opposition Leader than he spends attempting to deal with crime.....imagine that this is Kamla's biggest weapon....then you will realise that since his appointment as Min of Nat Sec Jack has done fuck all. There has been no crime plan elaborated on or implemented to date. Jack takes up more tv time than any other Minister, yet think about what he has really accomplished in the 3 months he's been in office? We can't tell a thing either because the public no longer has access to the police service's statistics. Last week we hear that Warner copy from the PNM Copy book and negotiating with thugs. He back pedal faster than you could say FIFA Corruption and instead claim his latest BFF Louis Lee Sing set him up and dupe him. Unfortunately he didn't share that info with Witless Duke who came on the i95.5 Morning Show with Tony and Dale last Friday and basically said that he can't cay if he, Duke, was at the meeting, but he was surprised to see ,Warner at the meeting, and he can't say if he was at the meeting, but it wasn't a meeting, with gangsters, he prefers to call these people brothers and sisters. You confused yet? You want to kick Duke and Jack out of office and maybe the country yet?

If that wasn't enough bacchanal to keep up occupied for the weekend by Sunday we hear that Jack, fed up of the Mirror newspaper bussing mark on him and Kamla twice a week so he decide he not just going to plant a reporter at the papers or sleep with the Editor, (Maxie not cute enough for you?), no those activities are for a different type of politician, instead ,he Jack, going to purchase the entire newspaper no doubt to change it into a government mouthpiece and propaganda machine. What concerns me is that Jack is a sitting minister....negotiating a business deal openly....why am I thinking that govt ministers aren't meant to have business interests while in govt?

And still there was more. By Sunday morning we were hearing that a Min of Nat Sec official had been caught drinking and driving. And I wondered, aye aye, Jack take over we news cycle.....but no, it was Colin Partap, apparently leaving Zen night club drunk as a fish, and doing his part to instill our trust in our Ministers and dispel all ethnic stereotypes about Indians and alcohol. He and Vasant on a roll.....and speaking of Vasant, he ever answer questions about driving and alcohol and running over women's feet? So Colin get he BFF the AG CoP to come down in the station and help him out when he refuse to take the breathalyzer test. Kamla, sensing the level of clusterfuck this coulda cause for she buss Colin Partap throat one time. But expect to hear Colin involved with something else that allowing him to make money. One thing Kamla does do is make sure that the members of her clan eat ah food constantly.

It is the week of our Independence....50 years have gone, how you feel?

De Vice Cyah Done!