Hard Thugging!

In yet another move that shows us this government relies heavily on a stolen PNM copy book from the Manning era, the Kamla Persad-Bissessar small goal side has met with "community leaders"' also known as gangsters and thugs to anyone with a lick of sense. Don't hold your breath waiting on a coherent comment from Prakash Ramadhar. His job these days is to remain as mum as the mime artists in Covent Gardens and hope that we the voters forget what we really elected him to do....I haven't forgotten Prakash....and you're going to regret my long memory....trust me.

But let's examine the latest cock up by this government....cock ups that their supporters continue to blindly support or apologies for. When in 2002 Patrick Manning took it upon himself to meet with gang leaders, I felt that was a bad precedent to set, when it happened again in 2006 this time with MP Roger Boynes leading the charge, I wondered what on earth kind of trend this party was creating here by having government getting into bed with criminals and giving into their demands.

Of course between now and then I have had the plan explained to me by people who understand criminal activities better. The only way to get criminals out of crime is to actually lure them into more legitimate forms of business that pay them just as quickly and well. It is alleged that CEPEP and several other make work programme schemes allowed for people with very few openly marketable skill sets to be able to make quick fast money without having to sell drugs and guns. So, let's say you took the biggest community leaders and put them in charge of CEPEP programmes in their communities then it's possible to give them and their lieutenants and foot soldiers avenues for making money that don't necessarily have an impact on violent crime rates, though it might send white collar crime through the roof. But white collar crime doh bother us....so we doh other it.....right?

Now using programmes such as CEPEP to control violent criminal activity can only work if there are CEPEP contracts to actually distribute to community leaders. If, for instance, you have established businessmen taking over CEPEP, and the contracts are only being doled out to a handful of family members of politicians then what is likely to happen is a return to violent criminal activity....drug and gun running and fighting for turf. This of course leads to a spike in violent criminal activity....the kind of violent crime that not even 107 days of lockdown can solve. The kind of violent crime that two Canadians could never cope with, nor crop dusters, nor an equally corrupt former football official. You see, to go into negotiations with these warlords you must have something to put on the table... and if the plum contracts already belong to party hacks and faithfuls then there is nothing to negotiate with.

And let's for the sake of argument say that a minister of national security tried organizing meetings with said crime lords, and they laughed in his face at what he offered and word of the meetings made its way into the newspapers and you had nothing to show for the meetings....not a grand charge photo op....nothing...what would you do to save face?

In a government where PR is everything and crime is nothing that minister might look like he had shit on his face and blood on his hands....because if at the end of the day you negotiating with crime lords and more murders taking place then that make you a kind of shit hound. If you negotiating with criminals after your leader state categorically in a 2011 speech in Parliament that she would never negotiate with criminals, and it looking like you doing exactly what you lambast Manning for.....well then I would laugh myself into another stroke, especially if you decide that to save your ass you look to blame your foolish decision on a Chinee PNM Hobbit.

De Vice Cyah Done!