Whither the COP?

Anybody remebers Prakash Ramadhar? Or Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan or Roger Samuel? Or Lincoln Douglas?Anybody remmbered their loud, principled stance on new politics amd accountability and transparency? Anybody remember their bold grand charge to dissolve the partnership if they didnt get the mayorship...and then the major bhagi boil down when Kamla Rani wave the big stick at Prakash? Well, since the Cabinet reshuffle that gave them back their mayorship and put more COP people in the Cabinet like Larry Howai and Jamal Mohammed, where the COP? And while we out looking for COP can we look for their principles too? The COP has lived up to all my expectations and predictions of being a Trojan Horse Party. Prakash doesnt even pretend to be anything else beyond a UNC operative anymore...in fact we should simply rename the party UNC B Team...or stop calling them COP, period. In 2007 after tqking a drubbing at the elections Dookeran had lashed out at the electorate. He had thought they were ready for principled politics yet the UNC and PNM had still gotten more votes than his party. In 2010 the COP campaigned hard to put a veneer or respectability and morals to the UNC-led coalition...the veneer has now cracked. Kamla announced a curious $10m per MP that has the potential for corruption....not a word from Prakash. Jack Warner with mounting allegations of corruption against him by international bodies is appointed as Min of National Security and Prakash actually endorses it as a good thing. But this is a man who endorsed Reshmi...chew on that. We hear of Devant's many phones, corruption at the EMA, corruption in CAL, the PMs office, Therese Baptiste's infamous speech caught on video. In short, scandal after scandal....and not a word from Prakash. Whither art thou, Prakash? Enjoying the spoils of selling out? Figuring out how exactly to market your party come the next elections? Negotiating with Kams for a next safe seat? You remain the biggest disappointment of May 2010!