Dear The Keith...WTF?

Dear The Keith,I've been on vacation, but trying my best to keep keep up to speed on events at home. I can tell you it's no easy task because as soon as I start to come to terms with one thing up jumps another. I hear is rampant corruption at EMA, Devant have three phones that he does use to call himself with every day even when he out the country. I hear both Gibbs and Ewatski choose to resign and yet somehow we pay them for choosing to resign. I hear the Olympic team of 30+ plus athletes real represent for we in London but Kamla only reward one of them and now she riding he back as she knew PR jackass. I hear too that Therese buss the mark and let the world know thay Kamla corrupt as hell and does real practise nepotism. I hear plenty things while I on vacation, but it have two things i hear that make me come off my vacation and write to you. The Keith, now i know being leader of the PNM cyah be easy. It pretty clear for anybody with 2 brain cells and one synapse to see that within your party it have factions and ranks. It aint hard either to see who settling in which camps. It also not hard to figure out that the one thing the People's Pappyshow Govt have going for it right now is the refrain of "Who is the real PNM leader?" Even their constant Blame The PNM routine getting stale for their diehards because you see is only for so long they coulda ever get away with blaming the PNM and continue underperforming. The rampant corruption, nepotism, inefficiency amd racism is now very plain for all citizens to see. All Kamla petticoat showing. In this light, I say it woulda behoove the PNM to take advantage of the situation and start to trot out new ideas and policies. Seize people imagination nah. Start to do thing that will breathe life into the politics. Not like Prakash new politics that basically making him a very fat political wolf in tight sheep clothing. No, I say here is an opportunity for The Keith to show people what kind of political leader he could be. Seize the moment to really show them what Rowley is made of....or have you? Is this it The Keith? Is what we getting from you and your party right now all that I can look forward to as an alternative to Kamla and she shitpot small goal team? Dont get me wrong, I appreciate that you call them out on their follies...but Keith isnt there more to your leadership? I stay quite up the Caribbean and hear your chief champion Fitzie Hinds make some kinda backward comments about Gays and Lesbians here and my blood crawl. Anybody tell Fitzie that not only are homosexuals and transgendereds people they are more often than nor tax paying citizens? And right now what your party telling me is that tax paying citizens can't have rights because it interferes with the "moral" sensibilities of others. You really think it fair that people who contribute to the society in so many spheres need to be told by a political party that they abnormal amd therefore their rights don't count? If I cant expect you to look after the rights of one small group here why on earth I should trust you to properly represent the rights of other groups? What about your party's current attitudes to homosexuality right now could persuade me that your attitudes to the needs of other groups going to be any more progressive? And you know the sad part? Kamla position just as regressive...but you wouldnt know it because nobody from her party goes on public radio and makes jackass statements that represent the party's policies. In fact they dont talk policies...they only talk ethnic parity and fete! And what madness is this I hearing about PNM MPs accepting $10m of funding that as yet has no structure for how it will be disbursed or managed? I thought we does vote in MPs to advocate for people in government? Since when MPs become their own private chancellors of the exchequer with every constituency it's own private fiefdom? Keith, to accept that money is to become complicit in Kamla's nasty game of government corruption. To accept that money is to give the Chief Buffoon Roodimonster the excuse to wine on you and all PNM MPs in Parliament and say all yuh aint mind taking money that not properly disbursed and legislated. Then what happens in 2015? You could be painted with the same brush as the Kamla Rani! So this is the alternative to Kamla you giving us? A party that still has ignorant and backward ideas when it comes to human rights and a party that will accept questionable funding in constituencies? Keith is your petticoat I seeing there in truth? Regards, The Pantomime