The Road to Rock Bottom

Is not now people have been complaining of the underperformance of Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Ewatski. So by rights the lip synced announcement of PM Persad-Bissessar, her normal 20 minutes late to her public address, should be a cause for celebration. But there are many reasons why Trinis can't celebrate their resignation. For the two years that Gibbs and Ewatski mismanaged our police force, they have been made accountable for nothing. Not the crime rate, not being absent when the SoE was called, not for wasting money on a crop duster, not for the unchecked murder toll, not for raids on media houses, not for the removal of crime stats off the police website.....not for a damn thing. To date all we know is that Dwayne and Jack came here, earned a hefty salary for two years for doing nothing, resigned....probably with a golden handshake, then left. The crime plan is yet to be unveiled...and in part of the public address that the PM seemed to be miming tonight we get to find out that Warner's crime plan is still non existent. Wait for coming.And it is coming. After 2years of incompetence it took Jack Warner wielding his considerable influence to get the Canadians out. Now Jack is free to put Dep CoP Stephen Williams in charge...and if all yuh feel was bobol before well is now self the vice go Cyah done. The police state not coming, it already here in subtle and not so subtle ways. The police does not serve the public, it serves the policies of the government, that is a first sign. Look out for more public shows of force from both army and police. Look out too For the next COP being the Nat Sec Minister's puppet. In the upcoming months expect brute force, sudden raids, the breaching of our constitutional rights, and the pampered and selfish upper classes will praise the initiatives because it keeps them feeling secure while the average citizen will continue to be exposed to more violence and trauma. Expect Jack's PR machine to go into hyperdrive. Expect rumors of him being made PM while the next President may well be another person known for feting and drinking. Don't expect policing to improve. Don't expect that crime solution and detection will ever be a priority. Don't expect a coherent, well executed crime plan. When you are detained without reason in a few months, don't expect answers or a phone call.

Expect to see more threads to this story as Warner's influence expands. Expect the country to turn on itself.

De Vice Cyah Done!