Action Jack?

We all know the impression given in the media. Jack does make news every night. And the constant firing off his mouth at reporters makes Warner look like a busy can do minister. But how much has he rwally achieved?Every new road and roundabout opened by Warner in his first year in office were the completion of projects of the previous regime. Flooding is still a thing of the present despite his promises of May 2010. The Uriah Butlet Interchange remains incomplete. The Curepe Interchange never got off the ground. The cable barriers cosy $17m and falling down. The Chaguanas Traffic plan failed. So did the St James traffic plan...why as min of Nat Sec Jack is a part of that is beyond me. As Nat Sec Minister crime stats have been removed from the public eye. Murders continue. The definition of what is a serious crime changes daily. Jack remains undet a Fifa Corruption Cloud....this man is minister again why?