Dear Patricia McIntosh....Warmest Regards, Tax Payer!

Dear Patricia McIntosh, After reading the Sunday Express' account of your reaction to your constituent's assessment of your performance as MP, I think you should apply to work for God instead of the people of Port of Spain North/St. Ann's West. If, as you have said, "God knows what I have done", then it seems to me that God should pay your salary, not me the tax payer.

It is unfortunate that the Leader of the Opposition is not in a position to reshuffle his Cabinet or MPs because if he could, there are a list of names I'd recommend he get rid of in order to make his Opposition in Parliament a much stronger one. And on that list would be people who publicly profess to not care about what their constituents had to say.

As MP, if even only one constituent is displeased with your performance, you are meant to return to the drawing board and see how best to improve yourself and the service you offer. Is not one and two piece of nonsense I have to put up with when the day come to earn the salary that is then taxed to pay yours. Up to now I am not sure where my tax money going, what it doing for me, and how my quality of life improving as my taxes increase. And yes, I know you pay taxes too, but Ms McIntosh, nobody put a gun to your head to be a MP, you made that choice yourself. You signed up for the job, now fulfil the job description.

When you say things like you don't care what constituents have to say about you, you immediately remind me of PM Persad-Bissessar and her small goal squad. You also remind me of the many members of state boards who feel they are accountable to no one but the PM. And since the PM is accountable no one...EVER...and always mum, I am beginning to think that her leadership style might be informing yours.

In fact, after reading that account in the Express today, I start to say to myself, but these PNM MPs sounding just like UNC MPs. Like is the same khaki pants on both sides of the Parliament?

Ms McIntosh, if is God who know what you doing in your constituency, how do we, the tax payers, contact him to get a proper account of your progress and shortcomings. If, worse yet, we don't believe in God, who we going to in order to get an update? If you don't care what the constituents have to say, then who cares? Direct us to that person please so that we can ask them to give us back the salary that you collect in the last two years.

You feel because your constituents voted Balisier and you in a PNM stronghold and the UNC doing nonsense you safe? No, eh. Not at all.

My advice to you at this point in time is shape up or go and apply to God for a job in his constituency. Until then, try and care about what EVERY constituent have to say.Or come next elections you might get eh shock of your life.


Warmest Regards,

Tax Payer