Crime Clusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime (2 yrs,1mt, 22dys): Stock Taking!

All yuh realise is less than 2 months since the Eat Ah Food Fete....where Kamla read out all the accomplishments of the PPG from off a postage stamp and then spend the rest of her speech blaming the PNM, Blaming Manning and talking about past squandermania, but never once of course mentioning her sister? Or the nepotism or abuse of state funds etc?

All yuh realise that is less than a month since Cabinet get Re-shovelled on June 23rd, and up to now all Larry Howai do as Minister of Finance is collect a golden handshake...or platinum parachute for when his ass fail......we can't hear a word about diversification of the economy, where the spending money coming from or where the money is going! We hearing talk of austerity measures but we not hearing if the government going to lead the way and stop the SQUANDERMANIA under Kamla!


All yuh realise that the new industry to get into these days is stateboards? All you need is to have friends or family members in the COP or UNC and bam! Yuh get ah job on a state board, could fuck the country over with your poor management skills, waste public funds, underperform and no one will question you or move you? And worse yet when the media asks you any questions you tell them you don't have to answer to them, only to the PM!

All yuh notice like Kamla have a permanent case of laryngitis and cyah say eff all about any issue? think back...the last time Kamla make a statement on a scandal under her governance was Shopping Topping!

Not a word about the Highway Protesters Camp Demolition....none about the demolition of the turtles except to say she sad.....and I agree...Kamla is a sad representation of leadership anywhere in the world...regardless of her gender. If a man was this ineffective we'd label him all kinds of names. Kamla ineffective and people still saying give her a running a country is a damned lucky dip bran tub in a country fair!

All yuh notice that since Jagdeo Warnersingh get appointed Minister of National Security is more and more they trying to send him a message.....look out for a tsunami St. Jack!

All yuh notice that this government re-writing the nation's history? All of a sudden in text books for schools we have the PM gallerying herself as the descendant of enslaved people for Emancipation Day! Wesley Furlonge yuh should shame!

All yuh hear that flushing sound?

Is the nation going down the drain!

De Vice Cyah Done!