A Gospel About St Jack.

And thus, in less than a month since his appointment to Mt Defence, Warner walked amongst the people and took pictures. In the hills and valleys, the towns and villages he visited the families of murder victims and robberies once they had the stamp of potential voter upon their foreheads. For, it is written, that in their hour of need, it is the business community that will support the People's Partnership and fund their campaign back to power after a time and a half has turned. It is also written, and verily, verily I say unto thee, in the day that you are murdered, once you have a picture of St. Jack on your corpse and belong to this possible voting group your murder will be fast tracked for detection and solution.

It is also written that if you are Chinese St Jack will protect your community, Selah!

I will then lift up mine eyes unto the Hill and advise Laventille to become Chinese....Lee Kum Kee will suffice. And behold on the day that this is done a rushing sound will be heard, of a great toilet flushing at the shit Trinbagonians must put with from this government.


It had come to pass, that less than a month after ascending Mt Defence at least 35 murders have occurred.

St Jack saw this and thought it was good. He posed for pictures, made empty promises, saw every high profile murder as an opportunity for pictures and grand charging before the media, and yet no sound came forth from his lips that described or determined a crime plan. And when pressed for a possible solution or action the Minister could only point vaguely to foreign technology because good old-fashioned patrolling, crime scene investigation and questioning don't work anymore.

De Vice Cyah Done!