Counting Turtle Eggs Before They Hatch

image I need you to read the EMA's take on the leatherback massacre that took place a few days ago. EMA Responds to Grande Riviere River Diversion 9-09-2012 The EMA led a team into Grande Riviere this afternoon to investigate reports of major drainage works conducted over the weekend on the Grande Riviere river. The river had drastically diverted over the course of the last few weeks and caused significant erosion resulting in the loss of Leatherback turtle eggs and hatchlings. The EMA consulted with Mr. Len Peters of Grande Riviere Nature Tour Guiding Association to get a clearer picture of the situation which has been sensationalized in the media over the weekend. On Saturday morning workers of the Drainage Division conducted an exercise which diverted the river to the sea creating a shorter route and preventing further erosion of the nesting areas. If left on its current course, the existing route of the river would have caused more erosion and loss to precious nesting sites towards the western end of the beach. Mr. Peters indicated that contrary to reports only a few hundred hatchlings were unfortunately lost in the action. He stated that this diversion through zone four allows access to the beach for turtle monitoring as well as eco-tours which provides for sustainable livelihoods of community members. This action also preserves zones one to three on the western end of the beach for turtle nesting sites during the remaining two months of the season. The EMA believes that this emergency action will have some positive impact on the overall population of Leatherback turtles nesting in Grande Riviere. At the beginning of June I visited Grande Riviere and noticed the erosion taking place on the beach. Coastal erosion is nothing new in the area. In previous years under past regimes repair work, such as was undertaken over the weekend, has been done, but not during the hatching and nesting phases of the leatherback turtle season. It's no news that this current government has no environmental policy. But I am beginning to think that Joth Singh is in its back pocket because even he beginning to sing their tune and loudly at that. Mt Plaisir Estate in Grande Riviere is a conservation site. To do any sort of work there would require a particular process, the least of which would be a Certificate of Environmental Clearance and of course requisite personnel would have to be onsite. That the EMA would part of a decision by state to excavate a beach and destroy turtle eggs and hatchlings is not even ironic, it is sinister. Further, to use government resources and the website to white wash the situation amd insist "only" a few hundred eggs were lost, as if you actually did a head count and as if it was numbers lost and not the principle behind your actions is the major issue is both asinine and sinister. The EMA, the body that should be protecting the environment is kow playing the numbers game and obscuring the real issue. That Joth Singh can still be the head of the EMA after such a debacle speaks volumes about this government's environmental policies and the integrity of the EMA.