A Government at SEA!

Apparently I work in the Ministry of Education....how so? Because I have a pdf copy of the SEA results in my possession. Results that are only supposed to be released tomorrow, July 6th. The Ministry, in a clumsy attempt to cover up the fact that there had been a security breach claimed there was no leak and the only people who knew in advanced that they had passed, were the 20% of students covered in the Concordat Agreement between the government and denominational schools. SPLAAAAT!!! Yep, that's the sound of shit hitting fan! Grim Tim is currently bellowing like a wounded ox calling it an act of sabotage. And instead of calling in the police to do its job....because there is a section that deals with cyber crime, he is instead calling on Action Jack....I guess Jack going to issue orders to the police service again. More constitutional breaches in the making? But who cares, right? We supporting the government hardcore regardless of the shit they do, and anybody who criticise them hadda be PNM!!!!

A Hindu teacher spat in a student's face earlier this week. And according to news paper reports this isn't the first time she has misbehaved. I can assure you that had it been a Hindu child that this had happened to the uproar and public outcry over it would have been great....because Sat Maharaj knows how to make an issue into an ISSUE. We'd have known who the teacher was, he'd have called for the teacher's immediate resignation and firing, and all manner of dire warnings would have been issued. I have to wonder though, what causes a teacher, any for that matter, to spit in a child's face and if this unnamed woman's action was an act of frustration or prejudice?

The Minister of Health has recently gotten Cabinet approval to do away with Nursing Council Exams. Minister Khan has cited a high failure rate, among other reasons for removing the exam. But I don't know if he has indicated to anyone that removing the exam means that pretty much anyone can now enter the nursing profession, or huge numbers of nurses can be imported from a foreign country without having to meet any local standards, requirements or face any board. When you hear about the mass importation of foreign nurses remember I said it was going to happen. The Nursing Council is currently taking him to task. But I am wondering if it will go anywhere. One of the worst things to happen to this country is the large Parliamentary majority Kamla's All Fours' team got. They now run roughshod over the Parliament making and breaking laws as they damn well please!

Apparently nobody clear on who bring Shaq to Trinidad, first Jack and Kamla implied that two Ministries, Sport and National Security, brought him down for a joint crime initiative. Now Moonilal the Court Jester is saying a private businessman paid for Shaq's trip....who is the businessman? Does he pay taxes? Private Citizens supporting Crime Initiatives now? And Action Jack is now supporting Moonilal saying Shaq's visit didn't cost us a cent! This government turn mouth too bad. Is always multiple stories with them that they can never quite get straight.

Doh worry, by Saturday we will hear that nobody paid for Shaq's trip, he paid for it himself...and by Sunday it'll be that Shaq got off his plane by accident and decided to mop a drop from the PM to Beetham Gardens. What we are sure of though, is that somehow we being lied to and DE Vice Cyah Done!