Crime Plan Re-Visited: DEFENCE (clap clap) DEFENCE!!

In case you missed it, Jack and Kamla brought Shaquille O'Neal in this weekend to launch a basketball competition in the depressed Beetham community. Why? Because basketball competitions with a first prize of $1m for youths resembling John Sandy help reduce crime. And for good measure she handed out the keys to new homes to some residents. Why? Because handouts in depressed communities help stop crime from happening. So, I want to take the opportunity to re-visit the PPG's Crime Initiatives to date. 1. Hire John Sandy 2. Hire Reshmi Ramnarine

3.Dismantle SAUTT, Sell Blimp, Cancel sale of Offshore Patrol Vessels

4. Hire Gibbs and Ewatski 5. Call a State of Emergency

6. Colour Laventille Orange 7. Rent a Crop Duster 8. Fire John Sandy 9. Hire Jack Warner 10. Arrest environmentalists and demolish camp sites 11. Hire Shaquille O'Neal to play basketball with Kamla.

We aint reach where we going.....we facking pass it!

De Vice Cyah Done!