Warner the Jack Spaniard!

Well Jack Warner flew into South Trinidad this morning like an overzealous Jack Spaniard with his side kick Colin Partap (I hope they had on cape and tights!).

Yes Folks the UNC All Fours Team has launched it's latest crime plan and it involves destroying prayer spots at protest camp sites and arresting environmentalists....THE REAL CRIMINALS!

The talk is Warner asked Emmanuel George, the Minister of Works if he wanted the highway project to proceed on schedule. George said yes. JAck then called chief of Defence Staff Kenrick Maharaj indicating that he needed soldiers to go down south and break the camp. And Maharaj, for whatever reason he alone knows complies and follows an order from a government minister!!!!!

When Jack got to the site he threw the first stone as a symbol of him authorising the destruction of the campsite and removal of protesters, and this included the religious symbols set up by persons belonging to the protest group....symbols for Trinidad's three major religions: Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. People were at these holy spaces fasting and praying. In the course of the demolition Kublalsing was arrested. Warner is alleging that Kublalsingh attacked a soldier.

Forget the rising murder toll....forget all the robberies we experience daily. Forget the rapes, the attack on children.....Forget the drugs and guns and gang warfare.....Warner's first act as Minister of National Security is to secure the Debe Highway so that Kamla Persad-Bissessar, her cronies, and UNC financiers won't go buss on this particular project.

Attorney and fmr AG Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has already spoken out and said it is an abuse of authority, because police and defence staff were issued instructions to destroy the protest camp not from the usual quarters but from the Minister of National Security who oversaw the destruction in its entirety. Already phrases like "Constiutional breeches" are filling the air.

MSJ Leader David Abdullah has openly condemned the move and says the country is heading to a police state under this government.

Up to writing Prakash Ramadhar and the Eat Ah Food Cop-out Crew remained mum and Jack and the Spinning Tops couldnt be reached for comment.

Wayne Kublalsingh is currently at a San Fernando hospital, he is not yet charged.

The Prime Minister has not yet shown her face to say whether or not she has been advised!

Stay tuned......