The Cabinet Re-Shovel 2012

In 2010 Kamla appointed a cabinet, in 2011 she re-configured 2012 she re-shovelled the shit and add more...Here's the list, and stay tuned tomorrow for the assessment and round up: Jack Warner - Minister of National Security Collin Partap - Minister in Ministry of National Security Chandresh Sharma -Minister of Transport Dr. Suruj Rambachan - Minister of Local Government Emmanuel George - Minister of Works and Infrastructure Stephen Cadiz - Minister of Tourism Minister of Information - Jamal Mohammed Vernella Alleyne Toppin - Minister in Ministry of People and Social Development Marlene Coudray - Minister of Child Development and Gender Winston Dookeran - Minister of Foreign Affairs Larry Howai - Minister of Finance Delmond Baker - Minister of Tobago Development Winston Gypsy Peters - Minister of Community Development Devant Maharaj - Minister of Food Production Dr. Lincoln Douglas - Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Nela Khan - Deputy House Speaker Ganga Singh - Minister of Environment and Water Resources (New) Nizam Baksh - Ministry of Public Utilities Vasant Bharath - Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment Dr. Rupert Griffith - Minister in the Ministry of Tertiary Education

Clifton de Coteau and Embau Mohini - Ministers of National Diversity and Social Integration (New)

Fazal Karim - Minister of Tertiary Education Errol Mc Leod - Minister of Labour Anil Roberts - Minister of Sport Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh - Minister of the People and Social Development Dr. Roodal Moonilal - Minister of Housing Prakash Ramadhar - Minister of Legal Affairs Dr. Tim Gopeesingh - Minister of Education Dr. Fuad Khan - Minister of Health Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan - Minister of Public Administration Anand Ramlogan - Attorney General

A Kind citizen sent in a list of who should really hold the various cabinet positions: THE RESHUFFLE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED.... (taken from an informed source)

Minister of NATIONAL SECURITY: A well trained German Shepard Minister of FINANCE: A calulator Minister of EDUCATION: The Mighty Chalkdust Minister of MULTI-CULTURE AND ARTS: Madman who preaches in Woodford square Minister of WORKS AND TRANSPORT: Jeffery the taxi driver Minister of LEGAL AFFAIRS: AG: Country would be better off without one of those than what we had last (this) rounds Minister of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: The Rapper Dapper of TnT (The rapping vagrant) Minister of LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The running vagrant Minister of FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Random Digicel rep draft Minister of TOURISM: The taxi boat driver at Power Boats Minister of TRADE AND INDUSTRY: Owner of Rattans Minister of HEALTH: Any willing Dr. who has been forced to remain in the public hospitals for too long Minister of HOUSING AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Papa Bois Minister of the PEOPLE AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Dr. Morgan Job Minister of LABOUR: Contractor who built Nicholas Towers Minister of JUSTICE: A parrot left in the UK supreme court for 6 months at a time Minister of FOOD PRODUCTION, LAND AND MARINE AFFAIRS: A maracas fisherman Minister of SPORTS: Former Soca Warrior Dutch coach Beenhakker Minister of YOUTH, GENDER AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Cartoon Netwoork TV channel (80s and 90s reruns) Minister of TOBAGO DEVELOPMENT: Miss Trimm (Of Miss Trimm's Crab and Dumpling shack)