...This is not the kinda dance where yuh stand up like a bobolee begging for mercy...

I honestly think we should make David Rudder's Madness  into the national anthem. I know that won't sit well with religious leaders, activists and intellectuals who are against Calypso, Pan and Carnival in general...because Rudder only sings "bumf" and Carnival promotes illiteracy, riiiight? I still waiting to see the study that supports that last claim. Anyone with one decent synapse knows Rudder doesn't sing buumf...his lyrics are far too important a prism through which we can view this place.

Most mornings I get up and wondering what the hell really going on in this place?

Sunday we had the story of how the current government is divesting itself of 4 fast ferries purchased when Colm Imbert served as Minister of Works and Transport. If I didn't know better, I'd think Devant Maharaj himself fed the story and the facts to the Express, because since the story made news we've been getting different and conflicting information daily. The newspapers reported that the ferries cost over $127m, then yesterday documentation was produced that showed the purchase of the ferries actually cost significantly less than that, closer to $50m. But what is even more worrying is that the ferries were sold for around $6m. Now, in a situation where the tax payers should know exactly who advised Colm Imbert to buy these 4 ferries at this price, and then who advised Devant Maharaj to sell them for such a paltry sum so that we know what's going on with our money, we instead have more political mud slinging, both sides of the parliament giving conflicting figures, and things really beginning to sound like Voodoo Maths in truth?

The sad thing is that we, the tax payers, who likely to not get government pension because we paying NIS religiously, will never find out why what was spent on those ferries (at least one of which never worked) and why they were then sold at a loss. Again, no accountability for our money that being spent wildly, despite who in power!

Grim Doopeesingh lose the keys to his head and raise up the Roman Catholic ants patch by once again exercising his autocratic, boorish, vulgar, top-down style and insisting that Roman Catholic and Government (read denominational and non-denominational) schools in a PNM constituency must share the same compound...indefinitely. Listen, Grim, if Eric Williams, who was a much smarter man than you, decided to leave religious schools alone, who is you? Really? In a country where citizens already pissed with the poor governance your Panchayat doling out, in a country where citizens have begun to call this a Hindutocracy instead of a democracy....you as a Hindu Male have put yourself in a difficult position....no one will see the practicality of your suggestion about merging two schools onto one compound. And considering that your government just spent millions of dollars to build a brand new primary school and overpass for the small Baptist community your comments about saving tax payers $$$ already aint ringing true...instead they will see it as yet another move by your government to oppress and suppress  anything that isn't Hindu....it doesn't help too that Sat Maharaj seems to be running wild, opposing Ministry approved Principals, opposing Ministry approved curriculum and breaking State of Emergency laws and never being locked up....doesn't look good at all. Your silence on Sat Maharaj's stance on the "Pan in School's" curriculum makes it appear as if this government is demonising the national instrument....So, you really expect to be able to come and dictate the pace about when and how you housing the children of Catholic parents? Further, it seems you forgot to take a look at the Concordat. Apparently it allows school boards to determine what is taught on their compounds, while the Min of Ed dictates the pace at state schools.....so what exactly do you mean by merge? Do you mean housing two separate and distinct schools on the same piece of property (which is no doubt what the Archbishop thought) or do you mean to mix the two schools and put them under one administration....which is what you seemed to be saying in your speech at the school. Grim, boy.....you overstep your boundary son!

Today's latest bobolee is Nalini Dial...I almost feeling sorry for her and want to offer her shelter. Ms Dial made a tasteless and unfortunate comment about 2 days ago wherein she implied that "what goes around, comes around" in reference to Mayor Coudray's missing daughter. It is alleged that Michelle Coudray Greaves is dead. She's been missing for a while now in Jamaica, and a body burnt beyond recognition has been "kinda" identified as hers by friends. Not too long after the news broke here Ms Dial posted the following on her FB wall: "I do believe in retribution, and tonite  I got proof. I know this will sound harsh, but guess who the cold heartless uncaring bitch was, who used to electrocute the poor innocent stray dogs, when she was the CEO of the San F'do Corporation? Guess whose daughter they just found dead, burned in Jamaica? I ain't God, but now I feel that, He is paying back. the sins of the fathers (mothers) will fall on the children,"

Now, some context is necessary, although Dial was posted this comment on her private wall, and still lives in a democratic society that enshrines freedom of speech and expression, she is also a prominent political figure in the COP, she is also an animal activist....and in that light Dial's outspokenness cause plenty commess and kuchoor yesterday. People were calling for her to be kicked out of the party, and generally castigating her for making what they felt was a harsh, tasteless and (in some corners) evil statement. No one of course is asking how a comment posted on a wall with privacy settings made it into national media....nah...all we'd be doing there is questioning who exactly violating Ms Dial's rights to her privacy settings along with freedom of expression. Instead let's disagree with her comments to the point where we call her crazy, insane, vile, evil, crazy bitch...etc....you get the picture.

But Dial's comments don't perturb me, really. She's entitled to express herself. The Constitution says so. We don't have to agree with her...but we should respect her rights. If a member of Kamla's family was murdered in Trinidad, I feel quite certain that many Trinis would gleefully point out, "And they say crime down?" When Kamla "fell ill" in Barbados a few weeks ago I saw more walls speculating on how drunk she was than offering sympathy. I actually think it's only when crime starts hitting members of government that they will begin to understand what the average citizen is facing. They've got paid drivers, security, police escorts etc and can sleep comfortably at nights. But I digress, because Coudray's daughter is in Jamaica and not receiving any of these perks.

So if Nalini Dial, private citizen, decides to say "What goes around comes around, Marlene" why the need to circle her and cry for her blood? Constitutionally and legally, Ms Dial is well within her right to have and express her opinion (once it not libellous or obscene....eyes on you Rupert Griffith for cussing and then moving those police officers who dared charge you for using obscene language! How come nobody want Rupert Griffith kicked out of anywhere?); however, in Trinidad, where certain types of morality seem to be law....she transgressed!

Trinis fooling themselves into believing that they care about human lives that much. It's herd behaviour all over again. We know speaking ill about the dead is culturally wrong, so we make cooyou mouth while saying how sorry we feel for Marlene....most of us don't feel sorry for Marlene, and we more interested in the details of the murder than the life lost. We not even actually concerned about the lives lost here in the murderfest we are living through...what we do care about is if the murder toll affects us and our quality of life. The problem with Nalini Dial's comments isn't that she said it...but that she said it out loud and someone made a screen shot of her page, posted it, and it went viral. I'd be willing to bet money that lots of people have secretly thought that Marlene deserved it, or reaping what she sow. And as for the circumstances surrounding this missing person, they are plenty fishy, and if that body in the canefield turns out to be Marlene's daughter, then I have even more questions...because that way of killing is meant to send a message to those alive...but who is the message for? The husband? The mother?

The PM is delaying her cabinet reshuffle until after Labour Day.....I sense someone trying to ensure that she doesn't rile up the unions even more....which makes me think that the new cabinet going to cause plenty pain.

So while Trinis eating themselves up over Nalini Dial's right to express her opinion on the disappearance of Marlene Coudray's daughter, we have more bad spending, more HCU scandals, a Minister of Education stepping on the toes of school boards and parents, a cabinet that awaiting re-configuration, 38,000 Guyanese brought in to "pick coconut", allegedly and rumours of extortion and bribes involving government ministers...yet the bobolee of the hour is the mostly insignificant Nalini Dial!

De Vice Cyah Done!