A Serious Crime is Going Down.

We can't get a straight answer from anyone anymore these days. This government continues to piss in our faces and calling it rain.Last week ACP Mervyn Richardson, who acting like he campaigning for Gibbs' job, issued the statement that serious crime was down, only homicides were on the increase. Now, if upon hearing this you dissolve into laughter and then tears, you are forgiven. Richardson clearly takes the citizens of this country for ass. Is he saying that homicides aren't serious crimes? Is he saying that we should ignore the newspaper headlines that speak of robberies, beatings, assaults and rapes? What exactly is a serious crime? And even more pertinently, how serious is this government about dealing with any of it? Can any of us seriously say that we feel any safer? At nights I am nervous at traffic lights and hardly go out to late events anymore. Gated communities or not we are all jumpy, and this morning the murder toll jumped to 179. Yesterday the Express carried a story re-analyzing statistics off the TTPS website....and came to a different and sobering conclusion. Crimes....serious and otherwise....are up and it seems that both the Govt and police service playing politics with our safety and our common sense.

The abuse of public funds continue with absolutely no accountability. In January we heard that CoP Dwayne Gibbs rented a crop duster, The AG gallery heself and said Gibbs was within his right to make the transaction. Weeks later the Auditor General told us otherwise after a probe into the rental was launched. To date the AG has not further queried this illegal transaction and Gibbs has not been held accountable.

And let's not discuss the India trip that was paid for by the Indian govt....then wasn't....the same trip that Vidwattie was on to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars that the PM insists was coming out of her pocket..then we find out came from the Treasury. This obvious abuse of state funds was renamed good cultural values and when the PM fell ill in Barbados and miraculously recovered 12 hours later to discharge herself from the hospital and fly home ( leaving the battery of tests inconclusive) government ministers rushed to use the PM's illness to justify the Cabinet approving something that is illegal. This government regularly justifies its lies and abuses, by calling it another name and assuring us that the abuse is for our good.

What the constant stream of lies does is erode our confidence in the government and even in ourselves. Because in the face of government propaganda we wonder if we losing our minds? The statement on crime is such a situation....just like the Eat Ah Food Fete Rally. $9m spent to tell us they doing a good job when all our senses and instincts say otherwise. Daily reports from Sgt Mystar to pretend the police doing work when we can see no evidence of it in our daily lives. This govt spends more time blaming the PNM or pointing out past PNM flaws and faults, than it does governing or putting any useful policies in place. I feel as if I am stuck in the recurring campaign of May 2010 with no way out.

Yesterday I was told that there are reports of Guyanese being brought in through the Cedros immigration point....30,000 most recently....and I start seeing how the elections to come are going to shape up. I'm also being told that our food woes are only just beginning because Vasant Bharath will not be getting the mega farms off the ground and the regular mid sized and small farms continue to get government runaround on their most pressing issues like labour and production. These issues aren't being raised or explored. Imagine a larger illegal population, fighting up for the same limited resources with the legal population. Imagine 30,000 people whose backgrounds we know nothing about, foreign to this culture just moving in and amongst us. Now understand too what a food shortage could mean to us? We import more than we grow. Every week prices raise while our salaries remain the same and there is no indication that the current regime is doing anything to prepare for the looming food crisis, or the current crime catastrophe.

The country wants good governance and effective leadership, instead it gets lies, excuses and abuses. The PM is looking to shuffle the Cabinet and hopes to distract the population into thinking the same deck of fools in different positions on the playing field will make a difference.

There is a lot of serious crime occurring locally chief among which are the rape of the treasury and the murder of our hopes and potential as a country. De Vice Cyah Done!