Fool the People, Fool the People, Fool the People!

We've had 3 years of economic decline, according to our Central Bank Governor. And our Minister of Finance, who used to be a Central Bank Governor at a time, is insisting that there is no slump. In fact  Williams is saying that our situation is worse than the UK (which is currently in a recession, mind you) in this Guardian comment: “Our situation is even more serious, in that we have had negative growth for three years. That’s the issue. It’s not so much the quarterly variations.

 “We have had negative growth for three years and that’s our challenge: How do we get out of that slump?” Williams said the figures show in the fourth quarter of last year the economy declined by 2.6 per cent when compared with the same period in 2010 and from all the information the bank had the decline continued into this year’s first quarter.

However, Dookeran, whose chief role now is as stooge for the PP Government and the messenger boy Kamla sends to Parliament ask for more money every 5 months to further supplement their squandermania and overspending, is insisting that there is no slump. So Ewart Williams lie? And if he lie, why he lie? And why can't you or anyone from your government explain to us how the economy is performing or functioning? dookeran actually said in his speech that our economy was facing what the global economy is facing.....has he seen Greece and Spain recently? Does he know that the US admits it's in a depression? The worst since the one they faced in the 1930s? Yesterday  international newspapers carried the story that US, European and Asian economies are slowing down. I guess Kamla must have trading partners in worlds we don't know about that continuing to sustain this economy of ours that not in a slump.

If Europe, Asia and the US are in economic trouble how can Dookeran insist we have no economic problems here when it is plain to see that we do. And in all o f this he goes back to Parliament to request $1.5bn to spend on what? If the economy is not in a slump, based on the info you have that you didn't share with us, then pray tell Dooks, what you want this supplemental funding for? I see Kamla want $11m pay Vidwattie? I see Cepep need $240m...I see Devant want $50m...where the missing CAL millions? You know what I think Dooks? I think all yuh lining pockets, because to date I see no enervation of the economy, no new projects or plans.

The only programmes the government has in train for labour and employment is CEPEP and Colour Me Orange. That excludes a significant portion of our employable public..unless you sending degreed persons out their to paint stones white and weed the highway.

The alleged investigation into Warnergate is the next lie. reporter Lasana Liburd has shown that Insp Totaram Dookie has failed to question many key witnesses and informants related to the bribery allegations, and then they presented a half-assed report to COP Gibbs, who was only to glad to heave a sigh of relief and say Jack was off the hook. In the meantime, while Gibbs and the Police Service make mas with this investigation, we look like asses on the world stage and probably have gone up the corruption list again. It's the Brits that Warner screwed over folks....none of this is over...not by a long shot.

And PensionGate....what to say about Kamla, Glen Ramadharsingh and PensionGate....anybody remembered when Kamla promised that the senior Citizen Grant would be made into a pension so that no government would be able to interfere with the actual figure senior citizens had to receive? What happened to that promise? Ramadharsingh says "not one cent less"....that sounds like his Guild Campaign Motto in he then saying that the senior citizens who now showing checks that $1000 less than what they had become accustomed to receiving lying?

You might be able to fool the people some of the time....but I don't think you'll be able to keep them fooled for too much longer. As the economy worsens, crime escalates and your spending and squandermania remains obvious and sickening the people will wake up....and maybe even rise up.

Carry on smartly People's Panchayat!

De Vice Cyah Done!