Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 2yrs, 11 days: Bananas, Pholourie and Cake Sales!

If in May 2010, you felt like I did, that we couldn't possibly get a government worse than the Manning-led PNM....then you need to read the story of  Emperor Caligula, the successor of  Emperor Tiberius, who after a 2-year period of trying to keep his supporters happy and displaying political inexperience, then descended into a pattern of extravagance, cruelty, perversity and insanity. The past two weeks have seen the 2015 elections kick off in fine style with the People's Partnership holding rallies on two islands. In Trinidad the Right Royal Rani  allegedly accounted for all that her government has accomplished in the last two years. That rally is alleged to have cost us TT$9m and the Leader of Government Buffoonery, Rood Boi Moonilal claims that the money was raised through cake and pholourie sales. In case you missed it that's Roodimonster pissing in your face and calling it rain.

The murder toll is now more than 170...higher than last year's toll at the same time, and remember we had a State of Emergency from August to December in 2011 that was allegedly successful in reducing the country's gang problem (all detainees were released uncharged); drug problems (only marijuana was seized) and gun problem (old, rusty guns were dug up in the country's forests). In April/May 2010 the People's Partnership had the plan for solving the crime problem in the country, they had date, 2 years later, no one is any the wiser for what this Crime Plan is.....2 years later we have a Commissioner of Police paid a huge salary and he abuses state funds to rent crop dusters for crime fighting and we don't know how a crop duster is going to help fight crime.....this same Top Cop also overseers probes into allegedly corrupt Government Ministers like Jack Warner. And though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence and witnesses who claim Warner was involved in a Fifa bribing scandal, the Police Service under Gibb's stewardship can't find any evidence against Warner....Indeed even though both the Leader of the Opposition and the DPP have told the Police Service to look at Customs and Excise Laws, Inspector Totaram Dookie, who is leading the investigation hasn't managed to come up with a thing....even though Warner had more US dollars in cash at a hotel in Trinidad than is legally allowed to any citizen of the country to have....but I am not a Police Officer, experienced investigator or Top what I know? And in case you missed it the investigation into Warner is Gibbs and Totaram Dookie pissing in our faces and calling it rain in a Banana Republic!

This morning I see that the same government who decried CEPEP....the same government that accused the PNM of using CEPEP to keep black people in a state of dependency and need...the same government that accused the PNM of using CEPEP as a tool for squandermania....the same Government that could list for you how many hospital beds could have been built, roads repaired, houses completed, children educated, farmers compensated, how much medication could be bought with the money wasted on CEPEP has just overrun the annual CEPEP budget, and now needs to add $240m more.....Under the People's Partnership we now have the largest CEPEP budget EVER! I beginning to see KAMLA and SQUANDERMANIA in the same sentence.

Now, I need to deviate a little. This is a country where people love their ethnic stereotypes. And partying plenty and living off CEPEP are two alleged ethnic traits, if you think I lying go read any Guardian article by Raymond Ramcharitar (and his analysis is ALWAYS spot on)....I'm beginning to see that love of fete and all things CEPEP have nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with culture, goals and ambition!  So, I'm waiting to see what Ramcharitar's take will be on this.

PP supporters, instead of getting pissed over my blog posts should start asking their party of choice where is the change they asked for and ask their party to stop lying to the country, stop abusing the treasury and develop some standards!

The PM has the task of reconfiguring the Cabinet ahead of her and I am saying immediately that Devant Maharaj and Tim Goopeesingh have to be moved or fired. The missing CAL $$$$ is a huge issue and Devant has proven to be the most useless Minister of Transport ever. Time will tell if the PM will shift him around or fire him....what I do know is that Devant needs to go. Neither he nor his common sense has performed. I'm sure you heard that he "misspoke" about the CAL board approving the lease of the Prado for chairman one knows about approving any Prado for Moonan.

Tim Goopeesingh has brought his contempt of the teaching service into his tenure as Minister of Education. Goopeesingh reminds me of the average Trinidadian, who willing to have school function as a glorified day care for his/her child, but is deeply contemptuous of the job of teaching, and teachers in general and probably blames teachers for all that is wrong in the society. It shows in his attitude towards his job. It shows in his speeches. Goopeesingh is antagonising the teaching force with his high handed attitude and sooner or later he is going to cause teachers to lash out. The last thing Kamla needs is TTUTA to shut down the country. People could deal with TCL and OWTU strikes...but you see when they have no kindergarten to send their teenagers to when they day come.....well!

John Sandy also needs to be fired...but I am hearing the replacement is Jack Warner, and I hope that's a bad joke, because Warner, with so many allegations of fraud and corruption hanging over his head in a sane world would have been removed from the government already, not put in charge of a country's safety....but this is the People's Partnership where neither Kamla, Prakash, Jack, Daaga nor Abdullah have any principles!

Things heating up in Tobago. This government knows that unless it ship in half of Caroni into Tobago and gerrymander voting lists they done loss the THA Elections to Orville London's PNM. So they will bully London, audit accounts, find nothing and continue to subtly threaten Tobagonians.....foolish move Kamla...who are your advisers????

It's June folks....Labour Day coming up...I can't wait to see the show Roget has in store for us!


De Vice Cyah Done!