Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 2yrs 4dys: Parasitic Relationships

I'm sitting in one of my favourite spots in's not a beach...just a secluded area with family and we just had a very heated discussion about the politics these days.

We looked at the newspapers and one relative asked, "What is Moonilal problem? Why he interfering with Rowley wife?" I had to tell him that Sharon Rowley, married to the Leader of the Opposition, was now a public figure and open to questions and queries as is Greg Bissessar and Vidwattie Newton. What we need to question is why does Moonilal and indeed the entire People's Panchayat need to play games of deflection and mud slinging when it comes to Calder Hart and UDECOTT? If there is so much evidence to show coruption and abuse of state funds why hasn't the AG charged and arrested Hart yet?

I also pointed that at every level of criminal activity in this country it's only the small fries that the police are detecting and arresting. So the police got 6 welders in a mangrove chop shop....great riddle me think those fellas responsible for buying the scrap iron on the black market? Seriously? Who are the dealers in the black market that buying all of this scrap iron? And why aren't they being arrested? The trade in metals is a world wide phenomenon now; it's not just Trinidad, so apart from the 6 welders, who else involved and is there a sting operation being set up to catch all levels of the organisation? Or are we still only catching the little fry dry and them while the big fish swim along merrily getting fatter and fatter?

But the major issue that we argued about under that tree today was the nature of partnership. Things got very heated because there were all the obvious wounds of Trini doh like Tobago etc etc. And it doesn't matter that my mother born and grow here, or that I spend considerable time here and have a deep affinity for the my Tobago relatives I'm the Trini half-breed...which makes me suspect!

So as we argued under the tree a couple questions rose to mind about relationships and partnerships. Prakash Ramadhar in a story yesterday or today expressed the hope that he will be consulted before the Royal Rani re-configures the Cabinet. These days everytime Prakash talks I does have to suppress the urge to snort and I will explain why. Prakash reminds me of the man in that old Swamp Dogg song "Take Time To Know Her". Because with every new thing the UNC government throws at him he keeps acting all brand new and surprised. Almost as if he expected better from the UNC under Kamla. I am beginning to wonder what exactly was in the Pre-Nuptual Agreement signed in Fyzabad. No, seriously Prakash, can you tell me what was in the Fyzabad Accord? Can we, the people, get details?

You see folks, this is my assumption, plain and simple. I thought that Accord detailed the rules and guidelines by which the partnership was supposed to function. I assumed that the Accord laid out the structure for how this Panchayat would govern the country, how they would meet, how they would negotiate, how they would make short I thought the Fyzabad Accord laid out the terms, vision and mission of the Partnership. What I am understanding now is that the Fyzabad Accord resembled that 1870 Scramble for Africa....5 parties met, with a map of Trinidad and Tobago and like a flock of vultures or a pack of hyenas they agreed who would get what.....the Fyzabad Accord was actually the official Eat Ah Food Agreement. You get 2 leg and a breast, we go take the neck and a wing etc etc....oh, and supersize my fries with that order please!

For Prakash to now come and say that he is hoping to be consulted means that as a group this coalition government never agreed on mutual consultations. And if they never agreed on group consultations then we don't have a partnership or coalition government what we have is a dictatorship. We have the UNC dictating to the other members of the Coalition, who, instead of looking out for our best interests merely nod and accept the dictates, whether they are legal or not. How else does Ramadhar et al explain all the questionable decisions this government has made in the interests of the "NAYSHUN" that smack of corruption, nepotism, abuse and treachery while he has sat in the Cabinet and the Parliament? I for one will not forget his first bit of treachery....endorsing and defending the hiring of Reshmi Ramnarine! Were you consulted on that Prakash? Did you agree to stand in Parliament and defend what was from the start a slap in the nation's face? You have stood side by side with Kamla in Parliament and spat in our faces daily and now you wish to talk principles? Are you really a partner in this coalition? Or the Trojan Horse that got the UNC into power?

Now, let me ask you this question, Prakash; if in the last 2 years the UNC has shown no real desire to have mutual consultations with its coalition partners on matters of national interests, what makes you think it will happen now?

Prakash, you jump into a marriage without checking out the nature of your partner and you expect her to change her ways now? Considering how you have waffled on other party and coalition issues, why should Kamla even bother to consult with you?

And on your insistence that  a coalition government is the only way for this country to go....come again? Prakash, from 1956 to the present coalitions have come together for no other goal than to remove the PNM from power....there is no coalition party or government to date that has had a proper development plan in place for Trinidad and Tobago beyond removing the PNM. And don't cite the issue of the NAR to me because early on their coalition showed cracks as well that centred on leadership and squabbling who got the choicest cuts of T&T. Since your coalition govt has gotten into power all the country is seeing is a feeding ideas for development or taking the country how on earth is this coalition working for us?

I know you won't answer me...because deep down you too busy eating ah food to really care....but if you still have a shred of dignity left in you Prakash, I challenge you to an open debate about the COP, it's role in Government thus far and how exactly it's going to apologise to the people of this country and really and truly forge a way forward.

De Vice Cyah Done!