Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 22dys: Pappy Shows and Fetes!

5 more days to the annual Eat Ah Food Fete at Rienzi and people still making up their mind if they should RSVP or not! While The Rani insisting that the Partnership "Stronger Than Ever!" Joseph Tony and David Abdullah not in the mood to parrrrtttyyy! And of course we boy Prakash aint going to miss an opportunity to be on his feet in front of a crowd paid to adore him, while they guzzle free food and drink...look out for his Baptist Minister impersonation. Tony, in trying to make Prakash's adherence to camp Eat Ah Food look good trying to imply that Prakash might have something important to say at the my experience, the only important things that does get said at fetes is Heh HAAAA! and Yeah Yeah! So, unless Prakash walking with HD and a Boddle of Rum, he have nothing important to say and the Eat Ah Food Fete is certainly not the venue! PRakash has so squandered whatever good will he has with his party and this nation it not funny. Trust me Prakash, the only important thing you could have to say to this country cannot and shouldn't be said on a Rienzi stage on May 24th. So the mere fact that you might be saying something important there at that time means, well, it not really important at all. A word to the getting little plump, watch how much of the UNC 2nds and 3rds you taking!

The next piece of mark that buss is that the issue of Vidwattie Newton's role as travel assistant and unregistered nurse to the PM has gone before the Intergrity Commission. If I am not mistaken, this is the same Integrity Commission that the Prime Minister's sister-in-law sits on, not so? So, is the PM's sister-in-law going to recuse herself or remain and be a part of the entire process? Further, will Papa Ken Gordon, the chairman appointed by this government (and who, according to Devant has no common sense) be independent minded in his investigations? Is this investigation likely to be another Pappy Show on a grand scale? Is the box office selling tickets and pop corn? Coming soon to a tv near you folks, sit tight.

Then I see Harry Harnarine singing an aria at his Commission of Enquiry. According to Harnarine, the same man that answering questions for stealing and misallocating millions of Hindu Credit Union dollars, he and Mr Panday plotted the rise and fall of the COP at the 2007 elections. The story in today's Express makes for riveting reading. Harnarine explains how he and former UNC Leader Panday lulled Dookeran into forming COP and then orchestrated the party's loss at the 2007 elections. The COP's Wikipedia page, apparently written by a founding member of the party gives a version that never mentions Harnarine's name. The HCU building gets named kudos to Harry. Now, Mr Harnarine, apart from being a perpertrator of fraud, a thug, a thief, a businessman, can add conspirator to his many lists of achievements. Look at that! Here's a UNC member who doesn't need to pad his resume to get a job!

There were two murders this week...but you won't hear Kamla talk about that next week at the Eat Ah Food Fete. She'll talk about 21st century policing, also known as police patrols in other sensible countries of the world. She'll talk about the new anti-gang unit that has been set up, which used to be known as SAUTT under the PNM administration. But she won't talk about how the figures are edging up steadily. She won't talk about a daughter coming home from school to find her father tied up and dead in their family home, or a little boy of two being in his father's arms while the Dad is shot dead! No, you don't talk about those things when you wasting public money having a fete to celebrate 2 years of being in Government....not running a government....not practicing good governance.....just being in government.....this People's Partnership aint beg it like to fete!

We have at least one piece of good news today. Cheryl Miller is back at work and suing the government for illegal detainment to the tune of TT$10m.....she deserves more than this, and I hope that she gets EVERY LAST CENT!


De Vice Cyah Done!