Anals of Achievement #6: Spin City

If in the last 23 months and 21 days your head spinning from the propaganda this government has been laying on in generous measures, you have company!

If Kamla, Dooks and Bhoe serious about diversifying the economy they can start exporting the BS PR that only they can do so well.

But I realise that this People's Panchayat Govt have its own Coxford English Dictionary, and does make up new meanings for old and recognisable words as they go along, that puts their slavish supporters' minds at ease, while leaving the rest of us baffled beyond belief.

Take for instance the move of key ministries to Chaguanas....Suruj Rambachan is calling it de-centralisation. Now, I understand de-centralisation to mean that you create satellite offices for major services in wider areas or remote areas, allowing a wider section of the population to be able to access goods and services without all having to converge in one space and cause congestion. Like how the passport office (under Immigration in the Ministry of National Security) functions. Instead, what the PP Government is proposing is a re-centralisation of Ministries, a movement of head quarters from the capital city to a borough. Rambachan claims this will bring services closer to the people....I guess the inhabitants of North-West Trinidad aren't categorised as people. Why are whole ministries being moved as opposed to satellite offices being built? And why aren't areas like North East Trinidad also being targeted for de-centralisation.....if is really de-centralisation that this government is doing?

Crime Plan is another word under this government that confuses me. When I hear crime plan I think a concerted effort encompassing sea, land and air; addressing the relationship between white collar and violent crime; and using a multi-pronged approach such as a partnership between community and state apparati to address the issues. But when the PPG talks about crime plan what it really means is a dismantling of all PNM infrastructure and a reassembling and re-naming of the old infrastructure. So, you get rid of the Blimp and rent a crop duster. You fire a local CoP who was ineffective and higher a foreign CoP, who equally ineffective and pay him more money to do nothing. You take old concepts like regular police patrols and give it jazzy titles like 21st Century Policing. You dismantle the SAUTT, and replace it with CGIU just because you can.

If you throw your mind back you'll find even more clever uses of spin:

Credit Card Fraud - I did not abuse the Government Travel Card I merely spent and used it in ways that were inappropriate; but ignorance is my defence.

Nepotism - Good family values. Hire sisters, brothers, cousins, uncle, aunt and nennen. Put them in state positions and remind the country that you grow up in an extended family home and this is how things does operate.....House for Mr Biswas style!

Travel Assistant - Sister

Nurse - Sister

Qualifications - Common Sense and padded resumes.

Assassination Plot - Arrest 17 men who look muslim and apparently read brand new copies of Sun Tzu, Mein Kampf, the Qu'ran, Betty Crocker cook books and corn flakes boxes.

Lies - misspoke.

Faux Pas - Misstep

Ballsless - Prakash

Dangerous Dog - Anil!

It's becoming scary, the way in which information is being gerrymandered and restructured to suit this government. And one has to wonder, since it's patently clear that they have no interest in successfully running this country, what their agenda really is!

De Vice Cyah Done!