Anals of Achievement #7:Battered Wife Syndrome

This morning, between 6:30 and 7 am MP for Lopinot/Bon Air Lincoln Douglas was being interviewed on the i95.5 Morning Show. Hosts Tony Lee and Dale Enoch asked him how he felt about the entire COP executive council for his constituency resigning and threatening to join the UNC and his response was "Thank God." Douglas then went on to clarify a few things and add some spice to the ever stewing pot that is local politics. Not all the people who walked were actually executive members. Many of the members of the executive actually held multiple party cards, he claimed. This implies that any threat on their part to join the UNC is actually moot because they may already be members. Which of course raises the question about whether the COP allows its members to belong to more than one party at a time...all this party hopping could be dangerous. Lincoln went even further to say that he believed that the COP was being destroyed from within the People's Partnership and he went on to list a number of issues that alluded to Anil Roberts, attacks on Prakash Ramadhar and Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, the wooing of their members to serve as shadow MPs by the UNC and a general exclusion from coalition decisions.

Now, if you can throw your mind back to a minute ago....yes, it happened that recently....COP Leader Prakash Ramadhar and Joseph Toney were recently bitching about the bad treatment the party was receiving in the partnership. Even Vernon de Lima spoke out about the farce that is "collective responsibility" (the PM's latest buzz word) and pointed out how Ramadhar is sometimes given as much as 5 minutes notice (he should be grateful, the country doesn't get a heads up on any of the crap that's done) before meetings. You will of course remember that much of the COP discontent within the Partnership overflowed when Marlene Coudray joined the UNC, became a part of their executive (which no COP member objected to) and took the Mayorship of San Fernando with her (which everybody's panties were in a knot for). There were cries of abuse, much grandcharging that gave the impression that the COP might take up it's 5/6 seats (where Anil?) and cross the floor. But eat ah food syndrome and flashing blue lights itis are hard diseases to treat, much less cure. And Ramadhar, after weeks of meetings and growling, eventually boiled down like young bhagee and tucked his tail between his legs, licked his mistresses hands obediently, announced that the Mayorship issue was a minor thing...let's move on folks....No Dangerous Dog Act needed here. The COP seems to be very much in the UNC's control and for all its complaints of abuse, all the COP will do is complain, it won't leave, it won't salvage its dignity and start its political life anew elsewhere. It going to stay and stick things out for the sake of the children, ent? And in any case, the man does only beat me because he love me so much....right?

The COP's predicament reminds me of our larger issue here in Trinidad and Tobago. It seems that with each regime we can actually get worse. Williams ran the country from 1956-1981, during that time he met all kinds of opposition both within and without his party. By the end of the 70s, without the country knowing he was ailing, people were fed up of Williams, they wanted a change and Williams obliged and a casket. Then George Chambers stepped in and the attitude of the country then was "we thought Williams was bad, but Chambers worse"..."Chambers duncy" became a popular phrase in the 80s and in truth, we couldn't wait to get rid of the abusive and corrupt PNM...and so the party of parties was formed on a One Love Platform...the NAR, within a year and a half that coalition government experienced a split, Panday took his small goal side and crossed the floor into Opposition. The economic downturn in that post-boom era hit us so hard we hated Robinson; couldn't wait to get rid of him, and Yasin Abu Bakr and 113 men thought they read the country's signals right and sought to over throw the government. They tried, and failed, and Trinbagonians were traumatised by the attempted coup d' careful what you wish for you just might get it, eh.

It is argued in some circles that since that attempted coup in 1990 the crime situation here has steadily escalated. The NAR's defeat saw an exhausted Trinbago falling back into the arms of her faithful and longterm lover, the PNM, this time under new management: an inexperienced and arrogant Patrick Manning. But Trinbago's return to Mr PNM was bittersweet at best, because while Manning was young and new, the PNM old guard was still old guard and many of the policies that the country had come to detest as regards ethnic inclusion, transparency, corruption and public spending remained. Manning would prove to possess a level of gauchness and arrogance that would plague his entire political career as leader. Convinced that Trinbago must love him no matter what, he called an early election; and as soon as The Patrick's back was turned counting votes, Trinbago ran off to another lover.....De Bas!

Trinbago had never had an Indian Leader in the saddle and she wondered what it would be like. She took the chance and was licks like fire and licks like peas from beginning to end.  Yes, he did things for her, she got a new airport for instance....but it wasn't properly built. He fed her, but with pet rice. All her children got to go to secondary school for free, but some of them ended up in classrooms over bars. And everytime she turned around her Basdeo was off on trips, and his friends would have their way with her, even taking money from her treasury. As bad as the treatment was though she remained of two minds in 2000 and 2001....two hung elections....but then eventually she get advised that she had to make a decision about who she was going to commit to, this limbo state didn't bode well for her, the children or her treasury. Make your decision based on morals and values and so, in 2001 Trinbago decided that for all PNM bad ways, he at least had more principles than the UNC. She turn her back and went back to The Patrick.

And for 8 years Trinbago endure, the living was much better this time. More money was coming in, all kinds of nice building throwing up and the children in University for free. But when they get sick, if she aint have money for private hospital crapaud smoke she pipe, because the hospitals in a mess. Then she start to notice is all kind of people coming in her yard and settling just so, and like it have plenty drugs passing through her yard and at times plenty money that she can't really account for passing through too...and when she ask questions either she getting boof or no answer. He friends doing as they please. It have work to do in the place and no work getting done. The money spending wild wild.Then Patrick start to travel plenty too, and it start to look like he wanted to dictate to she, and she start to get fed up bad bad bad because it look like she back in the same monkey pants. But she worried, because the only person waiting outside for she was the UNC and she remember the last time how things was under Basdeo. She don't want that again either....what to do? What to do?

Then a new breeze start to blow.....change....she start to feel it....change. And she mind start to weigh and turn things over and Trinbago rouse sheself and decide to take a chance and she make the decision to move away from Patrick and Basdeo and try a woman.....

And to date her lesbian political experience has been the most abusive relationship ever!!!!!!

De Vice Cyah Done!