The Achievement Anals: The Duncification of Trinbago #9 (23mts,18dys)


No, I haven't made a mistake, or a misspeak....i mean to spell annals in precisely that way. We are 9 days away from the annual People's Panchayat All -Exclusive Fete at Rienzi. Some of the highlights this year bound to be the now balls-less Prakash Ramadhar comfortably crossing his legs while seated close to the PM onstage.

It goes without saying that local media will get locked down, so those of us who couldn't attend the fete don't have to miss it. And there will be speeches....many speeches about all that the government has achieved in the last two years and of course thunderous cries about "being stronger than ever now"! For this, we must thank Prakash and all the other members of this coalition, who have held the government together for the common goal of eating ah food!

Suffice it to say, Grim Doopeesingh bound to must talk about all of the achievements during his tenure as Min of Ed. This is the same Doopeesingh whose name was much tainted during the last UNC regime. Then, he was the person in charge of hospitals and health and took it upon himself, allegedly, to overpay certain doctors who were listed to be working shifts, but never actually worked any of the hours they were down to work for. CEPEP for Doctors, I believe the initiative was called. The same most honourable Mr Doopeesingh was also involved in a daring initiative that had government funds paying for new machines for heart and kidneys, and then placing the machines in the private practise of friends. In one fell swoop, Doopeesingh ensured that private health care was well equipped, thanks to our tax dollars.  Indeed, such is the integrity of the Doopeesingh, that when a particular Regional Health Authority squealed that $$$$ was missing from their accounts, the Doopeesingh replaced the missing monies from his own pockets. such a gallant man!

Indeed, such actions, coupled with his long termassociation with a corporate communications guru, have made Mr Dooopeesingh the most apt person to steer the Ministry of Education.

There have been many adjustments to the Education system under The Doopeesingh. He has, for instance, imported laptops for secondary school children. Upon entering Form 1, you are issued a laptop....interestingly enough, while students are issued laptops, many teachers aren't. So teacher's are forced to use a roster system to have access to laptops in classrooms. See how Doopeesingh improves us? Our math skills have immediately improved in the education system as a result of this initiative.

Further concerned about our health and safety at these schools, Doopeesingh has seen fit to cancel the contractual arrangements the Min of Ed has had with the security from the National Training Agency and instead is planning to replace them with a company owned by him and his friends. Such is his concern for our safety that he will let no one but himself and his closest friends benefit from it. Indeed, it is rumoured that so great was his concern about safety at schools that he has hired a former Director of the SIA in this special security department only recently set up at his Ministry. Can we ask for more? Do we dare????

Now the latest is the changing of the SEA exam dates and exam components. Now throw your mind back a bit. Grim's current boss, The Rani, was the Minister of Education then. She, in her wisdom and might, when not pilfering plates, knives and forks from the ministry, or refusing to sign paperwork or do her job generally, introduced universal secondary education and removed corporal punishment from schools. Such was the intelligence of the Rani, for she foresaw that students who could barely read, write or compute numbers needed to be pushed through an examination-oriented education system that would destroy their self esteem completely and force them into low income jobs, or illustrious but shortlived lives of crime. With a wave of her hands the Rani ushered in a new era of frustration for both teachers and students; and was so prepared for the changes that when the SEA exam took place she hustled to rent window-less offices in downtown Port of Spain and rooms over bars, to house children who had "passed" the exam. Why was there even a need for an exam when all children were to be placed? Do not question the wisdom and vision of the Rani!

Now, the Doopeesingh has come to finish what the Rani started back in 2000....the Duncification of Trinidad and Tobago continues apace and Grim must be lauded. The examination remains in place. There is no need to fear it's complete removal and the implementation of a zoning system that bypasses elitism and simply allows children to go to school in their neighbourhoods. There is no need to fear a system that puts well trained teachers across the board in all schools so that this concept of "prestige school" is banished! Indeed...the elitism lives on thanks to The Rani and The Doopeesingh. Now, children can look forward to the pressure of the SEA as well as the added pressure of annual assessment tests.

Teachers have been pulled out of classes to attend crash courses...because that is best practice in pedagogy, not so Grim?

Teachers who grade and place students in the aftermath of the SEA are also being told they must apply for official leave to be able to go and grade an exam that is part of their duty. Does it make sense? In the past this grading was done during the Easter vacation, now it is being done during the school term, and teachers, who are at work, must apply for leave from work?????? The Wisdom of the Grim indeed surpasses the Wisdom of the Rani!

Tomorrow, 8 days before the Annual All-Exlusive Eat-Ah-Food Fete we will examine more of the historic achievements of this government!

We are truly blessed!

De Vice Cyah Done!