Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 7dys: Back Pedalling!

All yuh read the latest installment of  MillerGate? Cheryl Miller has been freed and the State boil down faster than a pot of bhagee on an open flame over the issue! Today's Guardian says: During yesterday’s hearing, Senior Counsel Russell Marineau, who appeared for Hypolite, said it wasn’t his client’s wishes to have Miller kept at the hospital. So wait...after the State grabbed the woman from her desk, diagnosed her, commit her and kept her in St Ann's for two weeks it's no longer Dr Ian Hypolite's wish to keep Miller at the hospital? Martineau trying to be funny here? Miller and her lawyers have kept quiet about whether they plan to sue the state....but Cheryl, girl.....I hope you take them to the damn cleaners!!!!



Prakash Ramadhar, that eminent lawyer and COP leader has made backpedalling into a damned Bel Air minute he gather up he dress tail and edging back, next minute he smiling and coquettish and mincing forward. We should find him a partner for Dancing With the Stars, because this man has talent. And note too that is not just Ramadhar who backing back on issues with the Government, COP Councillors are now voicing unwavering support for Marlene since Prakash emerged from Wednesday's meeting. These are the same councillors who weeks ago were saying they couldn't work with Marlene. Now Marlene is suing Deputy MAyor and COP member, Navi Muradali to the tune of $650,000 for making defamatory statements against her when tempers were flaring weeks ago on the MarleneGate issue. What has happened to change everyone's mind all of a sudden? Do I need to ask? And people wonder why I call this thing a pantomime?

The Law Association missing $284,000 from their accounts and fraud is suspected.

And we have hit rock bottom here in terms of crime, so much so, that when Police actually do their jobs and patrol neighbourhoods and respond to distress calls and nab the becomes a story, written with such an undertone of delight and surprise over policemen who actually doing what they are already paid to do. Makes me wonder if the next time I stand in a classroom if a reporter will be there to cover it!


De Vice Cyah Done!