Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23mts, 6dys: Rumours and Realities


Rumours of Prakash Ramadhar's demise have been greatly exaggerated....but yes, the COP is dead! Long Live the Partnership!

The nation was hot with the rumour yesterday, since about midday, that the Rani call an emergency Cabinet meeting to fire COP leader Prakash. Local media fed and fuelled a rumour all the way into a full fledged story yesterday long before the PM ever gave a public statement. By 3pm, when I was becoming aware of the rumour Twitter and Facebook was already alive. By 6pm TV6 had tweeted Prakash's firing as fact it seemed and CNC 3's Sampson Nanton, on watch at the Diplomatic Centre, had all but confirmed it, then hours later had to tweet that it was confirmed that it was all a rumour. Yesterday evening made me pause and take stock of the media and its roll in fuelling  public speculation yesterday. Because by news time it became clear that while everyone had the rumour in hand, no one had a clue as to its root or veracity. It's one thing to post comments and tweets about a possible rumour and quite another to post in so authoritative a manner as to make the rumour appear to be a confirmed story....yes Express, is you I fingering. Especially since you have become a repository for pre-action protocol letters in a rage from this government.....

But to me the real issue this week is not the weakness of the PPG....we all know they weak. For Kamla to tell the media she called an emergency cabinet meeting to plan for the year ahead is laughably weak....since there is no evidence that this government has ever had a plan beyond winning the elections, who would actually believe that they do any planning. It easier to believe that the PPG fete committee was meeting to discuss what colour balloons they using for May 24th...because you know we stronger than ever! Kamla's only strategy for this term in office is to survive for 5 years intact. It is clear to me that her campaign speeches for 2015 will centre around "We Will Survive!"

Mark what I have said here often....Prakash and the COP aint going anywhere.....the eat ah food urge is strong....this man who talks about principles is the same man who supported Reshmi's appointment as director of the SIA, the same man who lent his voice to the endorsement of the SoE, the same man who sits on a Cabinet that would have approved funding for Vidwattie Newton's travel expenses......Principles FTW??????

The bigger stories this week are really the Auditor General's report that I outlined in yesterday's blog post, that shows abuse and misuse of state funds in at least 5 Ministries. The abuse is so bad that the Integrity Commission wants in on the action.....

The other really important story as well is this alleged probe or investigation into Calder Hart. The AG is yet to convince me that this latest announcement is anything but PR. Calder Hart remains thousands of miles away in the US, after having answered questions here 2 years ago under the Manning regime. Unless this the US extradites Hart (snicker snicker) and our Constitution has laws that make overspending , waste of public money, and mismanagement crimes....then Calder Hart (or the CLICO Board) going to have to be accountable to anyone for what happened at UDECOTT. Already members of the UDECOTT Board saying they were in the dark on decisions taken...doesn't this remind you of CLICOGATE?????

Even Vernon de Lima, one of the men responsible for retrieving Sherrine Hart's birthpaper from Malaysia, is unconvinced that Hart can be forced to come to Trinidad to answer questions....and while the Calder Hart Capers continue, with no visible end in sight, the public pocket still jumping up with loans for UDECOTT projects.

And now the latest story is that members of the construction community are alleging that not one recommendation from the UFF Commission has been put in place so tendering and procurement procedures on construction projects remain as dubious and prone to corruption as ever.....This is the type of Govt that Prakash and the COP continue to remain a part of and still want to talk about Principles in the Coudray affair.....


De Vice Cyah Done!